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For those of you with several hobbies, how do you decide which one to pursue on any given day?

Asked by chyna (51024points) May 15th, 2023 from iPhone

And let’s say they are all indoor hobbies so weather would not be a factor. Do you do a little of each every day. Or a full day for each? How do you choose?

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Whatever I’m in the mood to do. Paint. Read. Jigsaw puzzle. Play music. Loom. Whatever.

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I anguish over which one to do, until I am too exhausted to do any of them.

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ADHD person here. I will hyperfocus on something until, like a switch going off, I lose interest, put it aside, and do the next thing that looks shiny.
Some days I am really good about finishing a project.
Not most days, though.

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My hobbies don’t have to be done everyday. Some just happen as part of my day without thought like photography, music, hiking, etc. Some are scheduled and I fit them in like Volleyball, gym workout, swimming, surfing.
I don’t lament if I miss any

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It depends on the “hobby”.
Looking after the reef tank? – Daily whether I want to or not. (although to be honest this is technically the SO’s hobby…
Everything else depends on mood and the availability of other players (for various board games etc)

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Whatever I have the energy and interest for on any given day although there’s always time for reading.

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For me, it’s “mood of the day”. I have numerous hobbies & some days I just don’t have the patience or need to work on part of them. So, I don’t think tonight that tomorrow I’m going to do… I usually wait until the next morning to see what kind of mood I’m in & what I might find soothing!!!

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As with most things, spontaneity leads me.

There are days when I start off watching sports talk shows. I’ll pick up my guitar and mess with it while waking up. After awhile, I’ll mute the TV, and play for an hour or two. Then work out for about two hours, while listening to music. Shower. Food. Then Playstation, or guitar again until somebody calls me or I hear about something going on.
When it’s spring or summer, I used to take my canoe out almost every day. A habit I intend to reestablish once my health fully returns.

I used to sketch a lot, in color pencil. I was really into art when I was in school, and through college.
My nerves have been shot over the past few years, so my hands shake a lot. I realized recently, I can draw anyway. So. I bought some expensive pencils, like I used to use, and sketch pads are on the way. I figured I would try to keep a weekly sketch diary again. My therapists like the idea, and so do I. Sober life is…. different….

I mean. Hobbies are things a person “likes” to do. It only follows that one would do them while in the mood…

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My goodness, what a busy bunch. I’m in awe. Personally, as a retired person, I like doing a whole lot of not very much, and doing it slowly.

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I find the ideas of hobbies kind of interesting. There are a lot of things that I enjoy doing. Though I rarely think of them as hobbies?

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@Jeruba Some of my hobbies have been chosen so when I do decide to retire I have plenty to keep me busy.

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@raum Yeah. I don’t really think of things I do as hobbies; just things I do.

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@Forever_Free, I guess that’s a key difference. I don’t want to be kept busy. I want plenty of slack. My own thoughts are often company enough.

@raum and @janbb, like you, I don’t really view my activities as hobbies. Just things I do: exactly. To be a hobby, isn’t there a degree of sustained and focused activity? If I do something once or twice a year, and it’s not something I actually have to work at or study, I’d say it’s not a hobby. Just something I do.

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@Jeruba Maybe it is tied into the idea of keeping busy? The distinction between labor and leisure in late capitalism. And the idea that time must be scheduled for one or the other?

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Hobby: an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.
Oxford Dictionary

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@chyna I understand what it means literally. But there’s a certain connotation to its usage.

Often in the context of keeping busy or self-identity. Both associations I find curious.

To be fair though, I like to roll around the definition of words and phrases in my head. Probably leaning towards mental version of semantic satiation. :P

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Like a lot of you here, it depends on my mood.

Though these days I have got myself in a dilemma of wanting to do two things at the same time :(

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One thing I like to do is refinishing stuff – either furniture or jewelry boxes or wooden stuff. I also do decoupage. For refinishing or decoupage, if I’m going to sand it, it needs to be nice weather so I can do it outside. If I’m painting it, I can do it indoors or out.

What determines when I do it would be the weather and also if I have the supplies needed (polyurethane, brushes, sand paper, etc.).

I have all kinds of art stuff in the house and I think about doing other stuff but rarely do I do it.

Sometimes I will reupholster something small, like a stool, and that’s fun but I don’t know whether I’d consider it a hobby, as it’s more of an occasional task. I like doing it but don’t do it that often.

What I wish I could get into is sewing. I have a machine but I just have never gotten into it.

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I just added a new one. Archery!

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@jca2 Sewing is my drug of choice. After over 20 years doing it regularly, I sew outstandingly well…at a beginner level, but the satisfaction level is very high when I can make useful stuff.

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