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Is anyone else watching Jeopardy Masters and wanting to schmooze about it?

Asked by janbb (62560points) May 24th, 2023

I like Jeopardy but I’m really loving the Masters series. It’s so interesting to see these really bright former contestants go up against each other. And the fact that we have gotten to know them more and they now know each other adds a whole other dimension to the game.

Who do you like or dislike? Have you changed your opinions on any of them? Any surprises?

Let’s meet at the water cooler and chat.

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James sucks. He’s too full of himself.
I was rooting for Andrew.
Now I just want to see what prizes are awarded and how much. (Yes, the winner will get $500,000. So far, Sam $50,000, Amy $75,000, Andrew $100,000.)

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@kritiper Yeah, I like James the least too for the same reason.

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I take “things that are not going to happen” for 500, Frank.

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James is the obvious Vegas odds winner, and I get a kick from his shenanigans. However, I’m kind of pulling for Matea? Mateah? Mataea? (nor sure how she spells her name) to win. I get a kick how she squints her eyes when she responds, and I usually like a good underdog winning story.

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@Acrylic It’s Matea and I really like her manner too.

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Mattea- 2 T’s it seems. She came close, awesome effort. Maybe next year.

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@Acrylic It was a great couple of games. I was really rooting for her!

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I was not overly pleased (not at all, actually) to hear Ken Jennings say that Matea, James and Matt would be back for next year’s contest. Sounds like a damn rerun of this year’s championship bout…...

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