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What are some of your all time favorite game shows?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22944points) October 29th, 2008

From modern times to yesteryear, which shows did you find the most appealing, competitive, humorous, or whatever?

Some of my favorites included The Price Is Right, Family Feud, The 20,000 Dollar Pyramid, Jeopardy, Hollywood Squares, Match Game, and Wheel of Fortune.

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Do you remember Classic Concentration ? That, and The PIR. I think it is even better now with Drew Carey. He is so sarcastic, it cracks me up.

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Classic Concentration was good and trying to decipher those comical and weird rebus puzzles underneath the cards was fun.

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Whats My Line?, The Dating Game, The Gong Show, Newlywed Game and Jeopardy

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Password, the $64,000.00 Pyramid, Let’s Make a Deal (loved that one when I was a kid!). Today, I still like Wheel of Fortune (I rule at that game) and Jeopardy (I don’t rule at this one!)

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there’s this show on GSN called “Lingo”. It’s a cross between doing the jumble and bingo! it’s so addicting.

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Jeopardy for the win. Growing up, my family used to tape it and watch it together. Yes, I am aware how nerdy that is.

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No Press Your Luck yet? A classic… check out some wammy videos for old times sake.

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The old Newlywed Game and The Dating Game were my faves.
I rarely watch any now.
I’d vote for the Price is Right tho for a current one.

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Press Your Luck
Tic Tac Dough
Hollywood Squares
Card Sharks
Family Feud (the original)
Win, Lose, or Draw
High Rollers (I think that was the name?)
Joker’s Wild

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Anyone remember “Name that Tune” and how some people could name a song after hearing only one or two piano notes?

A couple of other vague shows I remember were Password and Pictionary (this one was really cheesy in my opinion).

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Yeah, I like Name that Tune as well. I watched a lot of these when i was a kid. Never watch them anymore.

Curious, what does everyone think of those Japanese game shows?

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@ Bluefreedom – I can name that tune in 3 notes. “Tie a yellow bumbum round that bum bum tree”. Do you remember who did the singing for the show?

My all time always will be fave is Jeopardy.

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Jeopardy, The Price is Right, Family Feud (with Richard Dawson) , Match Game(probably my favorite)

@deaddolly i havent seen many, but while theyre not normal gameshows, ninja warrior and unbeatable banzuki are both awesome.

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Jeopardy! keeps me on the treadmill nightly. Why label it a show for nerds? Why is having some knowledge considered lame, dumb, or not cool?

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Jeopardy is for the smart kids…lol I prefer NOT to think when I watch TV. I have to think all day long…

@uber I’m amazed at the things ppl will do for money. And the nudity. I haven’t seen many either, but I always think of the Japanese culture as very timid. Guess not-so-much…

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@ uberbatman – This is kinda funny.

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Oh Pictionary! I loved that one, BF. I have thrown several parties where we played that and everyone had a blast.
@ Bri Wasn’t it Kathie Lee Gifford singing on NTT?

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@bri HAHAH that was awesome.

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@ SoapChef – You got it! on to the bonus round. (um…I got nothing. sorry.)
@uber. I laughed so hard at that. I love the ”magic” They nailed all the characteristics of the show.

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The only thing I didn’t like about Richard Dawson on Family Feud was him kissing anything and everything in sight. But he was a great host for that show.

And I never even noticed it was Kathy Lee Gifford singing on Name That Tune. lol

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Wow, with all those old shows mentioned, I’m kinda surprised no one said The Match Game

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Match Game was in my question details, scamp. I loved it. Gene Rayburn was a good host and the comedians that filled the answer panel were really funny too, in my opinion.

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@scamp i mentioned the match game ^ its my favorite game show ^_^

check out Bri L’s response as well :P

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Scamps trying not to see my icon. to many pm’s.

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No.. I am just going blind!! Sorry guys… I scanned the thread twice before I posted that too. Maybe time to get some glasses, huh?

In all fairness tho, I didn’t look at Bri’s link because alot of things are blocked on my work computer. Bri, you know I still love you more than my luggage! ha ha!!

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Steel Magnolia’s, “Hit Wheeza”

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Yep, you got it!! Take a whack at wheezer, ha ha!!

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Game shows get so boring its always the same i guess i like deal or no deal but i still rather watch reality shows instaed

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….. Deal or No Deal is the one game show that is IDENTICAL every episode. Hell, every round. Pick a box. Now pick a box. Okay, next, pick a box. Then, pick a box. And at the end… pick a box.

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The Price is Right. I love the girls that model with the prizes. I love the music. I think half the crowd is on mushrooms during the show. I loved Bob Barkers itty bitty microphone too.

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I loved Name That Tune and The Newlywed Game when they were on. And at the time it was on, Match Game was pretty racy. I’m surprised my parents let me watch it. Someone up there mentioned Lingo. Lingo and Jeopardy are my favorites. And I can kick butt at Wheel of Fortune!

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Wheel of Fortune
The Newlywed Game
Catch 21
Lingo( a cross of Letters and Bingo )
Deal or No Deal
Chain Reaction ( on GSN )

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$10,000 Pyramid
Family Feud
Press Your Luck
Wheel of Fortune
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with Regis (The new one isn’t as good).

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