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How much will Twitter's tech problems hurt DeSantis' presidential announcement?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32469points) 2 weeks ago

In case you hadn’t heard, DeSantis announced his presidential candidacy on Twitter this afternoon, at the invitation of Elon Musk.

Except Twitter ‘broke’ under the strain of too many users and the whole thing was sort of botched.

This doesn’t reflect well on Twitter and Musk – but will it have any effect on DeSantis?

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To me it’s much ado about nothing by the news media. For example it is the lead news in the New York Times app.

Seemingly relentless news about everything Musk does on a daily basis is news media acting like a teen addicted to social media…only in this case it’s more cynical capitalism and marketing in actuality.

Btw, it will not hurt nor help Ron “Woke” De Santis. He just might blame it on Mickey Mouse though.

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Twitter is “broke” must be Elon Musk not understanding bandwidth !

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I don’t think it will impact the campaign much.

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It was a total joke, so it was quite fitting.

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Don’t blame Musk. Bambi did it. He was seen exiting Twitter HQ with Thumper and Flower.

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I don’t think it matters.

Right now I think the biggest threat to Desantis is Nikki Haley. I feel like she could possibly become an attractive choice to female Republicans voters. Yesterday morning I saw some of the ads she’s running.

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They played it off as: so popular that they got overwhelmed.

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It won’t have any effect on SeSantis. It just reinforces the fact that Musk is ruining Twitter.

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That’s the answer without the spin. There were not enough knowledgeable people at Twitter to fix the overload in real time.

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Firing half the staff gave Musk a “half-assed” operation !

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