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How do you use the bathroom at a movie theater?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2946points) 1 week ago

I was at the movie theater last night with a friend. I don’t go to the movies often, but enjoy when I do. I have to ask. When you go to the cinema to see a movie, will you actually leave part of the movie to use the restroom, or do you hold it til the end of the movie? Sometimes I find it hard, but I do manage to hold it and go after the movie ends. I don’t want to miss anything, but also then the restroom line is long too with everyone getting out of the movie at the end.

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Go right before the movie starts (during the ads) and right after it ends.

Otherwise you lost 4–5 minutes of the plot.

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I avoid all multiuse public bathrooms, just hate doing that stuff with others around.

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I don’t remember ever having needed to use the restroom during a film (nor after). I’ve sometimes used it before the film.

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When I will end up standing or waiting for a couple of hours, I will wear an adult diaper.

I have never needed to use one “knock on wood”, but am glad that I did have that option.

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I’ll go when I arrive at the theater and I usually don’t drink anything during the movie so it’s not a problem. If by chance I do have to go while the movie is on, I’ll try to wait for a scene where there doesn’t seem to be much happening, and I hurry out and back.

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I think I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie maybe 3 times out of the hundreds of times I’ve been to the movies. I don’t usually eat or drink at the movie theatre. When I was a kid I sometimes had a box of candy.

If you must eat or drink, just remember a drink with no food is more likely to go through you fast. If you eat something salty with your drink, your body is more likely to hold onto the liquid. Or, plan to eat and drink a good 45 minutes into the movie. People buy all their drinks and candy and then finish most of it before the movie even starts. If you wait, then you won’t need to use the bathroom in the middle of the show.

I pee before the flick and I usually do fine. I heard the new Avatar movie is over two hours, it’s crazy not to provide an intermission.

Back in the day some of the one theatre movie houses played the sound in the bathrooms.

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Rarely I will go during the movie but only if I’ve drank too much water. I hate getting up and disturbing others.

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I don’t enjoy going to a movie theater!!! As a matter of fact, my last time walking into one was in 1990. I either watch a DVD or stream a movie in my own home where I can eat what I want, when I want, & go to the bathroom when the urge hits. That’s why there’s a pause button on the remote…so I don’t have to miss a dayum thing. I can hit pause, go to the bathroom without rushing & pick my movie back up exactly where I left off.

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I love going to the movies and generally go before the movie starts. If I have to go during the film – which is rare – I pick a boring part.

@nightwolf5 Interestingly, you asked the same question in 2016 – obviously an issue for you!

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I’ll go if I have to. The Runpee app is helpful.

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I haven’t been to the cinema since Covid. I have just got out of the habit. I Part of the habit was visiting the toilet on my way in to the theatre so I never had to go during the film.

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Like can be so hard.

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@SnipSnip Do you always get up on the wrong side of the bed?

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My bed has no wrong side. :)

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I used to have to. I drank mini bottles during the movies…

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