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Should I just throw these cotton balls in the yard?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46531points) May 29th, 2023

My meds are shipped from a town 15 miles away. Each one is packed with 4 cotton balls. Should I just throw them into the yard to decompose vs putting them in the landfill?

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They’re likely not 100% cotton – have polyester or polymers – so no, I wouldn’t.

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Use them to start fires in your grill or fireplace.

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they are dangerous to ingest: link

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Some birds would love them for nesting material. They have already figured out how to use cigarette filters as a parasite pesticide.
I would try a few in your yard and watch who takes them away. Pull them apart a little to make it easier on the birds.

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As you know I live “up north”. The last time I was in Louisiana I collected a pile of Spanish moss and brought it home. I draped pieces of it in trees around my property.

It was so much fun to see where it ended up. Robins made nests with it.
Of course, it does not survive the winter and the frozen month of January so there is no chance of it being invasive. But it sure is fun to see how critters use it until it disappears.

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Why don’t you soak a few in water and see how they degrade before deciding?

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Just throw them away.

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If you’re certain they’ll decompose, what’s the problem with sending them to the landfill?

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Landfills are not a bad place to put things like that.

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^^ The world advances by impossibilities achieved. ::: Thomas Edison

Baby steps. 8)

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