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If you do not own a front end loading washing machine, how do you wash your comforters or bed spreads?

Asked by chyna (51020points) May 29th, 2023

If you do own one, but wash those items differently, how do you wash them and how often?
Please do not answer that you do not wash your bedding. That is not helpful. This is in general.

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Laundromat a couple blocks down. Like $5.00 for the was, a couple bucks for drying.

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We do quilts and comforters on the “Bedding” setting. We rotate quilts and wash once a year.

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I have a top loader that doesn’t have an agitator, so it can handle a big load but I feel like for a heavy blanket or comforter, it doesn’t get as clean as it would in a laundromat with a huge machine where it can spin around a lot. I have a laundromat that I use that is not very busy, and I know when is a good time to go when it’s even less busy (week night times or mid week-day hours). Never on a weekend, especially a weekend morning.

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I don’t have a front loader but my quilts all fit in them just fine. I have only queen size and I hate heavy quilts. I prefer layers on my bed so I can peel off each cover if I get hot. I usually have a top sheet, blanket and then a thin quilt. And for extra cold nights a thick throw that I keep at the end of the bed.

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Go to a Laundromat if you feel that the best.

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My top loader is big enough to handle this stuff (full size, not queen or bigger) but I’m not, so I wrestle stupidly with the big wet stuff. However, being a stubborn little cuss, I always prevail, and I only do it once a year.
This is why I always have a duvet cover on the comforter, under the bedspread.

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I take them to a laundromat. There’s one close by with a 5 star review, but it smells so bad from their floor cleaner that I refuse to go near the door. Then I found an even better one about 15 minutes away (doesn’t stink, and it’s not as busy and it’s actually cleaner)!

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Top loader, never fails. Have done it this way for years.

I do run the rinse cycle twice to be sure to get all the soap out.

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I use a thin duvet with a cover. When I get the urge, I change the cover and wash the one I take off. I have an above-below washer and dryer combination machine. It can handle my thin blankets. It would not be large enough for a heavy spread or thick comforter.

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Most blankets and bedspreads go in our top-loading agitator washing machine. We have a couple of large comforters that I take to the dry cleaner to have washed and dried.

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Local laundrymat, usually once every fall.

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I don’t use comforters but all of the bedspreads and coverlets on the beds do fine in my top-loading agitator washing machine. I’ll never buy a front loader.

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I have a top loader and a front loading dryer, however, they are both portable. I can’t wash my comforters in the top loader because it’s too small. So, if I want to wash my comforter, I have to take it to the laundromat or the laundry room in my building.

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