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What happens when you refuse to the police to be strip searched, and finger printed?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) June 4th, 2023

Do they add a charge to your rap sheet, or force you to do them?

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Pretty good chance that you are arrested, and then they do the searching whether you like it or not.

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@elbanditoroso So they will physically rip your clothes off, and hold you down, and stamp your hand in the finger printing machine?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Depending on your crime, it might be advantageous to do the finger printing and allow everything else, because if you don’t, it will delay your possible release. If you did something petty and just want to go through the process to be let out, and you’re delaying the process, you’re delaying getting back out onto the street.

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They throw you in jail until you agree to the searches. (Keep in mind that they first have to have reasonable cause to do the searches.)

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In jail, yes. You WILL be searched, everywhere. You WILL be finger printed. You WILL have photos taken of unusual scars, and especially tattoos.
If applicable, you WILL have blood taken for analysis.

All of these things happen with varying degrees of violence, if you resist.

As far as additional charges. You will typically be charged for anything found once you are in jail, that wasn’t found upon your original search(es) during your arrest process.
Drugs found in orifices, will carry added charges. Yes. Because you “smuggled” narcotics, into a jail…..

Additional charges, in regards to resistance will depend on officers/nurses involved, and if any of your resistance is on video (as most things are.)

You can also be charged additionally for fighting other inmates, or for any unlawful conduct during the jail process. Including when you speak to a judge about charges, bond, etc, you can have charges brought. However. It’s far less different than being in a courtroom…

From the moment you encounter a LEO, it would be wise to be on your best behavior. If you get arrested, cooperation can affect your arresting officer’s decision making about which charges you may face. Smaller infractions may be uncharted.
If you lead police on a car chase, shoot at them, fight them while being arrested, you’re going to get charged for as many things as possible. Some charges inevitably get invalidated by a defense lawyer, or by a judge. So. When law enforcement wants you to get the worst sentence for your crimes as is possible, they will throw everything at you, and hope most of it sticks…

It’s a very unfortunately predicament. Being arrested, and processed. Being in jail, although the experience varies, is generally unpleasant as well…
CO’s have reputations for making your life worse, whilst incarcerated.

The best advice I could give anyone about jail is, act like a slave. Don’t say anything unless spoken to. Don’t move, without being told to. Do not ever smile.
Do not interact with other inmates. Do not think you are considered different from the worst person there.
Try to post bond. The longer you stay, the worse things will get.

Man up. Get through it. Get out.

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^^Great Answer, @MrGrimm888.

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