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Have you plateaued on a skill?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24048points) June 5th, 2023

For example:

I seemed to have plateaued on rapier fencing years ago. So then I stopped training.

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Yep. I play ukulele, semi-pro, and got about as good as I ever will. Sure, may still pick up a trick or two along the way, but my skill level is likely not going to go up, but down, in slight increments, as time goes by. The perils of age.

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Reaching a plateau is normal. When it happens with something that you want to get better with, you really need to push through it until you come out the other side & start to grow again!!! It’s normal to lose interest when you stop growing, but you definitely won’t grow any better if you’re NOT working at it. Stopping should NOT be an option if you truly want to get good at something. Maybe you need to try again to verify that you no longer want to get better with your fencing or if you are just stuck.

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@LadyMarissa Thank you. I am focusing on learning French and healthy eating mostly now.

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For sure, playing guitar. I have not improved since I played in rock bands in my early 20’s. It’s just not a primary focus so I don’t do much to improve.

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@Blackwater_Park I can’t say much. I tried the guitar back when I was in high school & I NEVER could play at all. I didn’t reach a plateau & give up as I NEVER even got close to one!!!

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I’ve gone as far as I can in my job skill, so I help train others.

I’m really proud of you for challenging your eating habits!! We’ve seen your posts a long time and know it’s important for you. Message anytime you need a cheerleader buddy!

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I think my keyboard skills peaked when I graduated from my high-school typing class, almost 60 years ago.

After that, they declined until I had to enter T-TNN- and other upper-keyboard-row messages, into #1 and #1A ESS voice & data main frame processors.
That was in 1987.

They peaked again and reached their present plateau, when I joined Corrs Online in 2002.

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Coding, but by choice.

I started designing for the web in 2001 and quickly learned HTML, CSS, and PHP. I hated it and am a mediocre coder, so the minute WYSIWYG platforms (like Dreamweaver, Muse, and Webflow) took hold, I bailed on those skills.

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Yes, I worked on plastic canvas projects, including designing my own patterns, but I eventually reached a point where the projects I chose were too difficult for me to complete so I lost interest.
I was also a square dancer for many years, including competitions and challenge dancing, but when we moved away from our friends, I lost interest in that as well.

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