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Help! I have lost every password for my MacBook pro.

Asked by Melonking (1231points) September 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

And I have lost the origenal install discs so I can’t reset it that way, what should I do I want to reinstall it becouse it has been acting up but now I can’t, what should I do?

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What do you mean by “lost”? Have you checked the keychain? Keychain FirstAid might help. Of course, if you are near an Apple Store, you can always access their (annoyingly-named) Genius Bar.

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I looked in the keychain it’s not thair, and the ppl in my local atmac cost a fortune and in truth they don’t know very much.

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@Melon they might not know much but I bet they do know where to lay their hands on a set of install discs

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@lightlyseared Yes, but there is one other thing.. You see this is a laptop payed for my the com my dad works for, he got a new one but you know how things are in this type of thing and no one can know that I am using it… So I can’t realy take it to atmac as we know them well.

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You will have a new admin account but you can still get into the old data.

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after that’s done you can change all passwords.

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