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How much do Sweden and the US spend per capita on health care and education?

Asked by jasongarrett (1736points) September 23rd, 2008
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The last figures I heard for the US was about 15% GDP. The UK in comparison spends about 8%. I’d imagine Sweden was closer to the UK figure than the US figure which is generally considered as being high.

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16% GDP health care costs for US as of 2007, 9 % for Sweden as of 2007.

This is an interesting chart:

Given the numbers are from 2002, but I doubt they’re much different now.

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Here are the per capita figures:

Health care
US $4271
Sweden $2145

Education (primary, per student)
US $6043
Sweden $5579

Education (secondary, per student)
US $7764
Sweden $5646


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