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Have countries been planning to grow more wheat outside of Ukraine?

Asked by JLeslie (65519points) July 27th, 2023 from iPhone

The war has been going on for a while and I would think country leaders thought to plan for reduced wheat supply coming out of Ukraine. Or, was there a plan to buy Ukraine wheat to give the country more money towards the war?

The US grows many tons of wheat, so I’m not concerned for my country, but other places in the world could really have trouble.

Obviously, if Russia attacks wheat farms the biggest concern is the Ukrainian people themselves not having enough wheat, let alone exports.

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If they depend on Ukraine’s wheat I think they should,this conflict isn’t going away soon.

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Brazil is placing some hope in a tropically adjusted strain that may be as productive as US wheat.

A significant problem for such scenarios is that wheat requires industrial fertilizers and Russia and China have been leading exporters of those fertilizers but neither country is exporting like they used to.

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Not every place can grow wheat. You have to have enough rain to allow it to grow (no irrigation will work because of too many hills) and terrain suitable for a grain harvester/thresher.

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Wheat can’t grow everywhere !

Africa is one place ! ! !

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Africa might be one place but, as I stated, it can’t grow everywhere. Too hot, too dry, too cold… Whatever the case may be.

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