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What is the most "unfair" thing about life to you?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) September 23rd, 2008

Where “life” is your life, in its everyday and/or long-term form(s), the “life” into which you were born as oppose to you, yourself, as a person engaging with life; where ”“unfair” thing” is a thing that upsets and frustrates you and/or something you believe is injust, something you would like changed and remedied.

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That our dogs and cats have so much shorter lifespans than we do. The loss of each one is a tear in my heart.

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im 18, i have so many adult qualities and in most cases, i act really mature for my age. however, i look like im 12, so i get judged, ridiculed, underestimated and/or not taken seriously by many, many people.

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Note to grammarians/attentive people: the question is supposed to read “as opposed to”, not “oppose to”. :(

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That there are so many, many mean people. Mean people suck!

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Marina: truer words ain’t never been said. i always say the more pets you have, the more heartbreak you have. you love them so much, and yet you know it’s a doomed situation.

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That the fight against the unjust and the evil must always go on because it can only be completely lost and never completely won.

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hello doctor.

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By the time you know enough to get though life, you are too old to make use of it.

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How the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and they’re in direct cause/effect of each other.

edit: Did the second part of that sentence even make sense? I’m very tired and feeling quite floaty right now…

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A parent outliving their child is the most unjust, most unfair thing to me in life. I’ve lived through many unjust and unfair things….but I have seen some of my friends and co-workers, acquaintances, have read about it, watched it on television, lose a child at a young age. I think if sadness, unfairness, being unjust was ever warranted, this would be it. Or even hurting a child in anyway, is unfair and unjust to the child.
It’s just simply unfair and unjust to give a child to someone, only to be taken away. I pray I never go through it.

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Someone gets to have sex with Brad Pitt, and it’s not me.

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*changes name to Brad Pitt

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poofandmook’s answer was perfect. Here’s my little unfairness.

That you can and willingly choose to serve your countries military with the promise of being taken care of, but when it comes time for it you get screwed time and time again, never receiving care, never getting your proper benefits and never feeling like your sacrifice was appreciated or worth a damn.

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I agree with tWrex and poof

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I agree with sarapnsc:)

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Things that are yummy are bad for you, and things that a disgusting keep you healthy.

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I just hate it so much, when someone is deliberately rude to you, or publicly embarrasses you, to the point where you get so angry (and you know exactly how you want to react), then realize, much to your chagrin, that you left your gun inside the glove compartment of your car.

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That certain ppl seem to get everything they need, while others have to work themselves to death to get it.

Also, firmly agree on the pet lifespan…I’ve had to say goodbye to so many animals and it’s so difficult to let them go.

Also, the child abuse and loosing a child comments.

K, I depressed now. Thanks.

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Initially I was going to write something like: “My dad always taught me that life isn’t fair. He never said it with any bitterness, just matter-of-fact. Because I have always looked at it from that perspective, I’ve never really thought of it as unfair, I just thought of it as life.”

However, after reading her answer, I have to agree with Sarapnsc, there is nothing more unfair that a parent losing a child. Period.

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That idiots and assholes seem to be better off (financially) than I am.

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I’ve been dealing with cancer for a few years now. I love life. I love playing with my kids, I love doing yard work. I love sitting outside, listening to good music with an ice cold beer. Monday Night Football…love it! Basketball…LOVE IT! Love finding those perfect jeans….I love going out for Mom and Daughter days…with MY mother! I love a nice date with my husband. I do like working, I like helping my husband with his side business. Sure, cleaning the bathroom doesn’t top my list, but I’ll do it…because I love a clean bathroom!

Then I meet someone that yes, has challenges in life, we all do, but they can’t see life for the gift that it truly is. They bellyache about not having an attentive enough spouse, enough friends. They complain about not knowing whether or not they are doing great at work, not having enough or not appreciating what they do have. It’s always more, more, more…it’s never enough. They get too wrapped up in the material to understand that everything they need is there for them…just reach out and it is all right there! They can’t just be it’s always got to be better.

It’s life. It’s not easy, it’s not always fair and it’s bumpy. Enjoy it, though. Look at the lessons and learn from them. Don’t squander it!

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@ cak, I fully agree. Ppl don’t appreciate what they have. I took my daughter to London and Rome this past summer and she came home with a new respect for the US.

I like to bitch and moan, but I appreciate the beauty around us and the good things that have happened in my life.

And one thing I’ve told my kid since she was little: life isn’t fair. Deal with it. It does help to bitch alittle along the way, atleast for me it does.

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deaddolly – what a great experience for her!

I’m human and I bitch and moan. I just won’t let these things build up and become some weight around my neck. No need!

Please…if we all didn’t let it out, we’d explode! :)

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I have worked so hard for everything in my life! but I know a friend who has everything, has seen the world, nothing to worry about, name it and he has it, but he has wasted his life, big time, in ways a cannot name…

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Life’s an incredible gift, yet some people can’t appreciate it, not because they are ungrateful, or money grubbing, but because they can’t believe that they haven’t screwed it up. They have been raised to believe that anything short of perfection does not deserve the feeling of satisfaction or completeness.

You have to learn how to be happy, and that requires reinforcement of your accomplishments when young, and a sense of certainty about being loved and appreciated by others. If you’ve got it, you probably can’t imagine what it’s like to be without it. You assume it. If you don’t have it, you can’t imagine what it’s like to have it.

People who grow up uncertain about these things, often have a difficult time being happy or grateful, because they don’t believe they deserve it. Some of them; the really lucky ones; may be able to gain this gift later on in life. They may finally come to believe they deserve good things to happen to them.

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Every ‘unfair’ thing has a beautiful angle to it. I mentally went through 2.
1. As we gain experience and knowledge, we lose in energy. The good thing about it is though that experience and knowledge can compensate for lack of energy.
2. You can never fully KNOW anybody, not even yourself. The good thing about it is that life is full of surprises. Sometimes very good ones.

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to quote John Mayer: “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for”!

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When I feel that life is unfair I am always reminded of how much I learned from Mitch Albom’s book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

To answer your question though, I would have to say that the sadness in the world that drives people to end their life while yet others are struggling for each moment they have left is unfair.

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@mcbealer: Maybe this is the pessimist in me, but while I adore that book, it seems to have made me more paranoid rather than mindful.

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@ poofandmook ~ paranoid because?

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@mcbealer: Instead of being mindful of how my actions will affect people, I think about what I’ve already done and terrible things that may or may not probably have happened because of me.

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zack when I was 12, I looked like I was 18 and that was no picnic either

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Social ranking/stereo typing. We all do it. Even adults. In fact, adults are worse at it than teenagers. We should learn from the kiddies, they love everyone.

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That 99.999% of it is out of our control.

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