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Could my time-traveling be Complex-PTSD (Details Inside)?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24043points) 1 week ago

Last night I watched a YouTube video on C-PTSD, and I am wondering if that is a simpler explaination than being locked repeatedly in a time loop?

There are many YouTube videos on the subject if you want to know more about the topic.

psych2go is the YouTube channel were I first heard of the topic

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I think you should talk talk to your therapist about the topic, write it down so you remember next visit.

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I do think that’s a simpler explanation than physical time-travel, yes. Our brains are our only way to perceive what’s real, so they definitely can tell us very creative stories. I think exploring this idea would benefit you, if only to address any trauma you have.

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There are better sites than youtube to learn about ptsd and c-ptsd, like:

and even wikipedia. Better yet, ask your therapist.

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I don’t doubt that you have a sincerely held belief that you are trapped in a time loop, but I’m highly skeptical that such a phenomena is physically possible. That would leave me to conclude that the most likely explanation would be that your mind is experiencing things that are different from physical reality. We know this is something that is possible. People who have had their stomachs surgically removed still experience hunger pains. Amputees experience phantom limb pain. Optical illusions are a way that all humans can experience the ‘seams in the matrix of reality” that our minds create. We know mental illnesses (and other things too such as psychoactive substances) can cause delusions and hallucinations that are not malingering deceptions, but sincerely held beliefs.

So my best guess/advice is your belief is likely a mental phenomena, but I’m certainly not qualified to venture a guess as to the mechanism that’s producing it, and it would be reckless to offer an opinion on an actual medical diagnosis. The best person to discuss this with would be your therapist, and if that’s been unsuccessful, I think getting a second or third opinion from another licensed mental health professional would be the best course of action. Wishing you the very best.

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@gorillapaws Thanks for the affirmation. Saying that you believe that I believe is a relief and a positive experience for me. Thank you.

Also a thank-you to Fluther Jellies for having my back. So that I don’t have to go it all alone.

I will bring it up with my new therapist Tuesday evening.

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I don’t have an opinion, but I want to say that your curiosity and desire to understand is wonderful! It takes courage to explore our own mental health. You are brave!

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How could we know? Logic dictates a yes to your question, but anything is possible.

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@KNOWITALL Just sharing my journey. Will update as new info arrives.

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@RedDeerGuy1 please don’t stop sharing your journey.

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Update Meeting went well. We mostly just introduced eachother.

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