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Anyone else having this iPhone problem?

Asked by janbb (62858points) September 24th, 2023

For the last several days, when I hang up the phone instead of ending the call, it calls the person I talked to before this call. I find it hard to imagine that all of the sudden, I’m butt dialing everyone.

Anyone have a clue as to what could be happening?

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Did your phone update to the latest iOS version? There was one released at the beginning of the week.

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^^ It’s on 16.1.1. Don’t know if that’s the newest.

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Just talked to my IT expert (son #2) and he said this has been happening to other people too. It seems to be a bug and is caused by you pressing the red button after the other person has hung up. Very annoying. Perhaps IOS 17 will solve it.

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I’m on iOS 16.6.1 and it doesn’t do that. My phone wants to go to 16.7 but I’m waiting for 16.7.1 in case there are any bugs.

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I just checked and I think I’m not updated to 16.7 it looks like it’s saying I can do. I don’t really know what I’m doing. It also says 17.0 is available.

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I’m waiting for the bug-fix releases of either of them.

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