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What brand of decaf coffee that comes in pods and tastes great would you recommend?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28586points) 2 months ago from iPhone

I tried Dunkin Donuts coffee pods with a Keurig coffee maker and it tasted like crap. Thanks!

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Original answer deleted by me, I missed the word decaf initially.

You can buy a refillable K cup and put any coffee grounds you want.

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I love love love the taste of coffee.
The right grounds, the right water temp and the proper steep time will make a great cup of coffee.
I have a Breville Grind Control and get amazing coffee in batches from 2 cups to 12 cups. I have had it for 3 years now and consider it a great investment for people who truly like coffee. It was costly ($280.00) but has been the best consistent coffee. I make coffee every day. Doing the math that is less than .25 per day addition to my grounds.

I don’t think anything DD is worth the money. I also am not a huge fan of the Keurig devices.

I also suggest the refillable K Cup and buy quality grounds at a local roaster. It still has a bit of a unbrewed taste. Been there, done that but moved on.

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Because you specifically asked for pods (assuming available, pre-made) I will guardedly recommend Peets, I have had their decaf, from a Keurig, and found it to be pretty good. The pods are available on Amazon if you can’t find them locally.

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Thanks jellies! My friend and I who had that pod of Dunkin decaf spat it out! Will try Peet’s decaf.

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