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Do you think Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley would be willng to be Vice President?

Asked by JLeslie (65192points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Last night I was watching the Republican debate and at one point Nikki was speaking and DeSantis appeared to be listening to her with sincere interest in what she was saying.

I had this flash that those two together on a ticket might be a powerhouse for the Republicans. My second thought was I don’t think either would want to be VP.

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Haley, possibly. Although she would have issues not being top dog.

Not DeSantis – he is much too full of himself.

VP is a pretty powerless position, unless they are gambling that Trump would die during his term (if elected).

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DeSantis is an asshole. I agree with @elbanditoroso. He is very full of himself and he probably is not taking a back seat to anybody, especially a woman.

VP is definitely a powerless position but in the case of Biden and his VP, I see it as a good chance Biden won’t make four years in which case, there’s a good chance Harris will be President.

Maybe Haley would be a good pick for Trump. I was seeing speculation that there’s a woman governor somewhere out west that might be a VP pick for Trump.

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Not sure. While VP can be a fairly useless spot, it does pave the way for being the next nominee for your party. It gives the person experience in dealing with the ins and outs of the federal government, it gives them a chance to show what they are made of, in certain cases.

I doubt the Republicans would even consider DeSantis and Haley together on a ticket. Face it…Trump is THE candidate to beat. I know many of you don’t like that, but it is a statistical fact. If you combined the percentage of those polled in favor of the various candidates, you could add DeSantis and Haley together and still not come up to the support Trump has.

And while either one might consider being Trump’s VP because Trump can only serve one more term, I doubt he would choose either one. From a political perspective, and given the treatment he got the first time around, he would be better off choosing someone that is truly onerous to the Democrats. Kari Lake or Christie Noem or even someone like Tucker Carlson. By choosing a running mate like that, he would be doing exactly what the Dems did with Biden…putting somebody in place that is such an intolerable choice the opposition wouldn’t dare to impeach him for fear of putting that person in as POTUS.

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Of course DeSantis is considering Haley as a VP running mate. This is almost a done deal in my mind.

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DeSantis right away no. Haley as VP to DeWokedeSantis reluctantly yes. Only if she thinks they can win. I don’t think she will think that. She will pick a better VP candidate for herself. Haley would love for trump to pick her as VP. She is just another typical political…whore.

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I think what you saw is not often seen…....a politician respectfully listening rather than formulating a response to what the speaker is saying. I didn’t watch the debate but it is obvious in debate that this is not the norm.

I don’t think DeSantis would take a VP position. I don’t feel as strongly about any of the others. I know more about DeSantis since he is governor of my state.

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Even though Pence comes off as kind of a… soulless dork, he seems to be the most level-headed out of the bunch. He stands an ice cube’s chance in hell, but at least he did not fall in line behind Trump and cooperated with the official turnover process without complaint or controversy when they lost the election. That spoke volumes. He’s also right that we need to be steering away from a populist vote. He probably also knows where a good amount of the bodies are buried from Trump’s reign.

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They are all running for Vice President.

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Not under Donald Duck.

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@Blackwater_Park What?! If that is true I am completely out of touch. It is bewildering to me that Pence has any sort of chance to be the primary pick.

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He does not. I personally put him over the others. But he stands no chance.

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I’m not sure about Nikki Haley, and I’m voting Democrat anyway, but if anybody picks DeSantis as they’re running mate, they’re sure to lose. He may have some supporters but he is losing ground by the moment.

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@LifeQuestioner Losing ground to who? Who is gaining ground?

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@JLeslie sorry, it’s getting late and I might not have been totally clear. DeSantis has been losing ground in the polls for a while, but I thought that was kind of clear by what I had written.

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^^What I mean is, maybe I am not up to date, but I thought DeSantis is losing ground to Trump in the polls. Did you mean one of the other candidates is rising significantly? I don’t see how losing ground to Trump matters if DeSantis is still polling better than all the other candidates.

Let me say I don’t think the polls are very accurate, but I don’t mean to say they are totally upside down either.

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@JLeslie maybe I’m too tired to split hairs, but DeSantis hasn’t been doing well in the polls for a while now, however you want to slice it. And I’ve not seen where he is doing better than other people. Yes, polls are not often accurate, but he has really made himself look bad with some of his actions. Plus, the man has no personality, so he’s not even likeable as a candidate.

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I’ve said since the first debate I think Nikki will rise up significantly. I just googled, and this says DeSantis is still in the number two spot and that Nikki did well.

You say DeSantis has no personality, but you are a Democrat, and not the same POV as the people voting for these candidates. He does need to fix his artificial smile in my opinion, but otherwise he says a lot of things the people in the party want to hear. It troubles me, but that’s where the party is.

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Nikki Haley would be more likely than Ron DeSantis to be VP for Trump. As for each other. DeSantis is a narccisist. He would never be happy serving under anyone. He would refuse. Now whether she would accept him, I’m not sure, but she happily worked for Trump so its possible. Different face same ego.

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VP is a smart play. I now realize that’s probably why Pence took the job. Sit quietly, and wait for Trump to hang himself. Then you’re up…
I’m in SC. BS aside, Haley is NOT stupid. She’s actually got a pretty bad temper, and honestly she’s a very confident person too. I don’t think she could hold her tongue for four years under Trump…
DeSantis is a pitiful coward. His “moral” compass only points in the direction that suits him best.
If it came down to it, DeSantis would do it…
However. I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead to Trump needing either.
He certainly doesn’t want them. He wants a “yes man.” His VP could be…. who knows… At this point, nothing would surprise me…

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