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Assume that Gaetz is successful, and the McCarthy loses his job as Speaker of the House. Who would replace McCarthy? Who has the stature and credibility? Who could win the office? And why would anyone want it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32908points) 2 months ago

It’s a thankless job.

Gaetz is play-acting – I don’t think that the Republicans have anyone with any credibility, at all, to fill the Speaker role.

What fool would want the job?

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Oh, oh I know Marjorie T Green would take it.

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I didn’t even know Gaetz made a move. That posse of lunatics on the extreme right are either crazy, stupid, or being paid to behave without integrity.

I don’t care if they get rid of McCarthy. Their behavior is horrible. Who would replace McCarthy? I have no idea. The only real problem I foresee is they put in one of the brainwashed extremists, kill the president and VP, and then the speaker becomes president. Would they be that violent and extreme? Some of those crazies on Jan 6 would do it. I don’t know if they identify at Republicans or Libertarians, but the end result is putting extremists in power who know nothing about America.

From what I’ve seen the semi normal Republicans will fall in line and support the lunatics. How can they be so weak? They are so worried about money or position to betray themselves and the country?

I don’t think the Republicans show respect to any Speaker at this point anyway.

I read Republicans might try to expel Gaetz. That’s good, but I doubt it will happen.

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Remember the clownshow when McCarthy was first made speaker?
It took 15 rounds of votes and clownery.
This will repeat when they try to get a new one.

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Rumor has it that the House is planning on ousting Gaetz. Not sure that it’s true, but I see that as karma kicking in!!!

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Gaetz himself.

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Wait. Is this a serious question? You have seen the idiots in their now. We also had Trump for a President.
Pat Paulsen

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