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Did our universe originate from a black hole?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24616points) October 4th, 2023

Seeing that everything was compressed with the start of time?

How could the universe not start as a black hole? Seeing that all mass was squeezed into a tiny dot?

Would It not bend space-time into an inescapable singlarity? From having a massive amount of gravity?

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That is the general explanation. But if it bent space-time into an inescapable singularity, how did it escape to become the universe?

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Some people would say that god created the universe about 6600 years ago.

I would ask those people for proof.

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Some speculate we are living in a black hole.

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That is moot at best.
I think the endless Great Void and everything in it has always existed in some form. Also, IMO, there could have been countless Big Bangs throughout the endless eons of time, and in different areas of the Great Void.
Recently, the Webb telescope has taken a picture of far distant galaxies that existed over 13 billion years ago.

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