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What would you do if a credible news service said aliens will be approaching our atmosphere in 24 hours.

Asked by GAMBIT (3855points) September 24th, 2008
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Brush off the old WELCOME mat

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I’m not very curious when it comes to aliens, but I think they’re already here. We have a US astronaut who says they’re here, and now the Catholic Church is saying it’s okay to believe in them, plus other testimony that’s reasonably credible.

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Please give an example of “credible news service.”

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I’d go about my business as usual (and watch the news). It’s not like anything I did would affect the outcome.

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chris6137, you have a great point. What would be a credible service these days? I hope there is some media outlet that we can trust to give us the real scoop. I was thinking CNN, NBC etc.

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I’d get together with my loved ones, and try to find a place to hide. Aliens are going to spend the resources to get here unless they want our resources. If they have the technology to get here, they can probably overwhelm us easily, Presumably they would come in great numbers, planning to live here once they got here. It would probably be impossible to cross inter-stellar space without having many, many generations live and die in the ship.

I would not be happy about such an announcement. Not one bit!

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I’d get a shave and a haircut at the barber shop, then buy some new clothes, to make myself “presentable”.

They might be visitors I already know, from the planet Quertzl, where I am originally from.

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IMO there is no longer such a thing as “creditable news service”. So long as viewership and ad revenue are a driving force there never will be such a thing.

But if it were reported I would look to begin my own verification via friends and family that I know and trust.

If it were deemed to be true then we would need to see if they were hostile or friendly because the response to each would be entirely different.

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Check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1 and I forgot. After that, do my normal routine with spurts of chatting with friends. After all, I still have a job that I can still get fired from. I doubt the aliens are hiring.

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I would stockpile ammunition, buy a couple extra clips to carry and go on with my normal life.

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I’d check the facts via other sources.

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Run to the liquor store and buy up the inventory. I have a feeling there will be one hell of a party going on….

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@Sueanne: You want some company?!!

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It’s already been done and done well. Creditable news service: 1938; Orson Welles; War of the World.(radio)

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@gail, What did you do?


i tease ;-P

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If memory serves, at 18 months, I dug a huge hole under my grandmother’s garden, preserved lots of fruits and veggies, stole my grandfather’s supply of selzer and settled in with my blankie, teddybear and Adolph the talking parrot for company.

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Awww. That’s cute.

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I would send Omarosa as are welcoming greeter….
an hour with her, they’d be back on their mothership, high tailing it back into the universe.

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