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When was the last time you fell down a Google rabbit hole and what was the topic?

Asked by janbb (63032points) November 1st, 2023

We exercised to “When My Baby Smiles at Me” today in aquacise and it got me wanting to know more about Peter Allen. I just spent (wasted?) an hour watching his performances, reading about his life and viewing Hugh Jackman in songs from “The Boy From Oz.”

So – I’m wondering when you last got lost in the internet and what was it about?

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I think I’m lost now. Where am I? Help!

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I tried to find a YouTube video on how to fix a jammed paper shredder, and a couple of hours later was poring over designs and building specs for tiny homes. The shredder was broken forever, but my Facebook feed is chock full of new tiny home designs every day.

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Good grief! That happens every time I google anything. Just today I was reading a news article, I saw an ad for something that I couldn’t tell what it was because it was so small so I clicked on it.
Then I was shopping for a half hour on a site that I had never heard of.
I can’t remember what news article I was trying to read!

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If my Android Motorola phones internet doesn’t repeatly crash I would be on it all day.

I like surfing Psych2go, on YouTube.

Also I surf online shopping items in Instacart, all night, and all day.

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Back in 1976 when I was 19 years old I was in the ARMY Reserves. One day they lined us all up and informed us we were all getting a shot. I had a really bad feeling about the whole thing, and when nobody was looking, I slipped out, and I didn’t return until the medical people were gone. Most of my friends became severely ill, and many were out of work for well over a month.

It was terrifying!

Of course they were not reimbursed for lost wages, and they had to pay for their own medical care. Since then I was absolutely clueless how to find out what happened until a few days ago when I finally put the right words into a search engine.

My friends received the Swine Flu vaccine. And I almost was a victim as well! I wonder how many of my friends ended up with Guillain–Barré syndrome, or went on to have other life altering illnesses as a result of that vaccine.

I am still processing it, but this knowledge brings much of my other experiences with medicine into sharper focus.

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We’ve been binge watching the new Star Trek series Strange New Worlds, Discovery, and Picard, so I have been out in Star Trek Google space many times.

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@Kardamom I go from link to link for Star Trek Lower Decks.

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I’m taking a break from one right now; looking to replace my cable box on Spectrum with their streaming device.

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I don’t know what led me to this site but some of the interviews on Soft White Underbelly are fascinating.

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Researching Middle Eastern history.

@Kardamom We love those, enjoy!

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I’m going to Spectrum to get a streaming unit tomorrow !!

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@flutherother Been following soft white underbelly for a while. Everyone needs to see at least a few.

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Well, my search field on my browser reads:

“what is in a Wienerschnitzel’s FRITOS PIE?”

I did not manage to find an answer.

Nor did I manage to find an answer to what meats are in Wienerschnitzel’s various sausages (original, Polish, or breakfast), or gravy, or chili.

I did find rumors that original sausage, and the sauces, may contain both beef and pork.

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