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Does this make me snarky & rude?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46860points) November 17th, 2023

Lady posted that her daughter got in a car wreck and how good God is that she didn’t get hurt.
I can’t stand that! Normally I’d just scroll on by but there were 30 other people chiming in about how good God is that she didn’t get hurt.
I sighed and said “If God was so good she wouldn’t have gotten in the wreck to begin with.”
Am I terrible?

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What do you think? I think it probably would have been better if you had thought it rather than written it. Actually – did you write it or just say it to yourself??

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It’s a little snarky. I’m guilty of this too though. People take snarky comments too seriously, where is the fun in that? I’m more of a think-it and not write-it person also these days.

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I think it ALL the time @janbb.

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So unnecessary to share that with them. Just let people believe their own beliefs.
If you don’t like others making those statements, then they surely don’t like you rebuffing their beliefs.
To answer your question, not snarky but rude.

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Yes, snarky and rude. As we all are from time to time.

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I would have thought the same thing. I just wouldn’t have posted it. I would however, have unfollowed them.

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Snarky or not, it’s true.

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It’s kind of slightly ridiculing other people’s beliefs. Why go there? It wouldn’t bother me at all. I think that God’s a busy Guy. He doesn’t have time to watch out for everyone and everything.

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@gondwanalon but that’s how god is advertised, presented, and promoted in churches and synagogues. He knows all – he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…

Clergy has pushed the concept of an all-knowing, all controlling god for centuries. You’re arguing that the clergy have been misleading us?

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Snarky and rude in my opinion. If people believe whatever they believe, why shit on that? It’s ok if it’s not my belief, there are all kinds of beliefs out there, all kinds of religions, no religion, whatever.

In times like that, people are looking for support, so if you don’t believe what she believes, which is fine, the best thing is to say something positive like I’m glad she’s ok or I hope she gets well soon. If it’s someone I like a lot, like a close friend, and we’re in close proximity, I might add something like “if you need anything, I’m just a few minutes away.”

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In the view of those thanking God, it may have been in God’s plan for that accident to happen for some other reason. It may have been someone else’s fault due to driving while intoxicated and God watched out for their daughter to keep her from serious harm. There are lots of ways people view the world as it pertains to how God works.

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@gondwanalon on top of all that he has to worry about how each NFL team is doing.

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I bet the daughter will be a little more cautious while driving in the future, that might be something worth being thankful for but it’s still ridiculous to attribute it to gods will.

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@elbanditoroso People are free to believe whatever rattles their cage.

@Dutchess_III A lot of people actually believe that the NFL is not rigged. Professional football is all about entertainment and money. It’s as phony as professional wrestling and roller derby. And there are a lot people the believe that professional wrestling and roller derby are real also.

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Good points @cheebdragon and Wulfie.

Good points all.

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I agree with what you’re saying. But I wouldn’t have commented it, especially in that particular instance.

True [x]
Helpful [ ]
Necessary [ ]
Kind [ ]

I threw out the I for Inspiring, because I think that part is ridiculous and just stretching to make an acronym out of it. :P

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And on the eighth day God created seatbelts.

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It’s still not clear to me whether you thought it or posted it. One can be as snarky as one wants in one’s own mind but personally, I try not to trample on others’ religious beliefs unless they are trying to trample on me.

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They sound really annoyingly foolish, to me.

Your comment was part of God’s plan.

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I think the comment was the equivalent of going to a Jewish person’s house during Chanukah, when they were lighting the menorah, and insulting the ritual, or going to an Indian person’s house during Diwali and saying that this is stupid. Hopefully you would never do that. This, to me, is equivalent.

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Harmless if only a thought. If you wrote this then yes, snarky and rude.

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If OP wrote it, snarky and rude.
If OP thought it, still snarky.

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Better to scroll on by. It’s unkind to belittle or question her beliefs, especially when her daughter just had an accident.

If her beliefs help her it’s fine with me as long as they aren’t harming anyone else. Some people feel more control if they believe God is protecting them.

If it is someone close to me I might write something like “thank goodness she is ok.” I would just ignore the God part of her statement.

These types of accidents I don’t only get annoyed that a God would let the accident happen, but I get annoyed with the implication that people who do get severely injured or killed somehow were not worthy to be saved by God. So, the language bothers me too, but it is comforting for some people, and I generally just leave that alone.

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I admire you for it, but yes….nowadays it’s better to just not say anything in those specific situations.

A situation where you should say something is if a religious person mentions not receiving medical care due to god taking care of things etc.

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I guess all the people killed in car accidents were just not worthy of their god’s goodness.

I’d have chimed in, because they were the ones being obnoxious and offensive.

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My policy is to never question or comment on my friends posts unless they ask for feedback. I have tons of Christians, some other religions ie Pagans, natives, witches, etc… So less snarky but rude is my opinion. Since you asked. :)
PS I don’t know how you can think this way and be on my FB. Ha!

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I have lots of Christisns on my feed. I never say anything. That one post just tripped my trigger. 5000 of those praying hands things and 5000 people yammering “Praise God!”

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Sometimes when people tell me something worked out, I say “thank God” and I don’t really mean literally “thank God” because I’m not that religious at all, but it’s just a phrase.

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^^^^ sure. Me too.

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I don’t like it either. Praising God on social media feels performative. But it’s how some communities have been taught to express gratitude. Why dump on it?

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IDK. Because I hate it when people don’t think. They just go brainless.

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@Dutchess_III Just because it’s not YOUR belief doesn’t mean it deserves disrespect though. I have one guy on my page who thinks he’s a native shaman, another thats a garden witch, and another plain white girl who runs with a ‘tribe’ of all whites playing Indian. People are strange but not all bad, I tend to be amused rather than upset.

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I normally scroll on by or say thanks when they
I just lost my patience with that one.

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No offense but even using the word performative is performative these days. People are comfortable within their safe space echo chambers. Christians are no exception. I view people like that with whom I’m acquainted as in my circle but not in my space. I don’t bother them and I try not to let it annoy me. I don’t exclude them from friendships either. If I did, I would not have any friends. Atheists and Christians are both annoying to me when they get vocal.

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