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Would you want to drive a Tesla Cybertruck?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33149points) November 30th, 2023


The exterior is hideous, and probably dangerous because of the sharp corners..

The interior doesn’t look comfortable at all.

I look forward to actually seeing one on the road.

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Sure, I’d drive one. I’d never own one, though.

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I like them. If I were in the market for a truck (I’m not), I would definitely consider it. Tesla is catalyzing the industry and forcing the hand of legacy auto makers—> it’s a very good thing.

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A free test drive? Sure. Own one? LOL no!

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@gorillapaws I agree with you on Tesla pushing the market. I’d never buy one though—I wouldn’t want any of my money voluntarily going to that antisemite.

But fortunately there are lots of other options availalble. In the truck realm, Rivian is pretty cool. My nephew is an engineer for them. I’d possibly consider one but they’re too big and too expensive.

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@Caravanfan “Rivian is pretty cool. My nephew is an engineer for them. I’d possibly consider one but they’re too big and too expensive.”

With gas savings and tax incentives it might be less expensive over many years of ownership. Real world data: I saved $2,048 over the past 12 months in my Model 3 on fuel, plus 0 oil changes/transmission flushes, etc. Mine will be 6 years in May and it’s been great thus far.

“I wouldn’t want any of my money voluntarily going to that antisemite.”

There’s no counter-argument to that. Tesla makes awesome vehicles, but it’s owned by a real dickhead.

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I don’t like how it looks. I have mixed feelings about buying Tesla because of Elon.

Does it have an open bed in back? I didn’t see that angle. We used to have a Porsche Cayenne to tow and when we switched to a Ford 150 and later a Dodge Ram it was so much roomier and so much better for what we needed it for.

If this Tesla is even smaller in room than the Cayenne and more worries about everything being in the interior then it’s a no for me. We even have a really nice liner and cover on our bed in back, but something about it not being part of the interior of the truck makes it more trouble free.

This truck reminds me of Tesla’s first roadster and Toyota’s Prius. I thought with the roadster why not make a more practical sedan, and with the Prius why not make a car with an exterior more appealing. The Prius did ok, but I think it would have done much better early on if it had looked better.

If a car manufacturer right now came out with a decent sized pick-up with lots of torque, and ability to haul a lot, for 30% or more cheaper than what is on the market today, and looked masculine, it would probably do great.

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I’d like to take a test drive in a CyberTruck.
I’d never buy one. It’s a disaster. So many problems with it. It fun to watch this slow motion train reck.

I think that the CT looks best with cargo and utility racks:

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@JLeslie The Ford F150 lightning fits that bill but there is a problem. The range is terrible and way less than advertised. A company I know bought a fleet of them and had to roll back that decision because at the end of the day, an electric truck does not do “truck” things very well.

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@Blackwater_Park Range is a big concern for me regarding electric vehicles. If it’s all very local driving and you have an additional vehicle for long distance trips then I can see it.

Hybrid vehicles seem more practical to me, but there are some downsides with them also.

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Zero desire.
It is incredibly small and ugly. Reminds me of a DeLorean. Like John DeLorean, perhaps this is where Elon falls. <snort-snort>

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The DeLorean is an automotive masterpiece compared to the “Cybertruck”.

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I’d really like to test drive this “ThunderTruck”:
Of course it just an idea. Will likely never happen.

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It is the “Homer” all over again.

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The ThunderTruck does look pretty campy. HA!

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Destined for some B-movie scifi

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Like any other electric vehicle, my first consideration is range, not looks. My second consideration is the possibility of the thing going up in flames. Third consideration is getting into an accident, being trapped in the vehicle, the vehicle then catching fire due to an electrical short caused by the accident, and not being able to free myself before being engulfed in flames.

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Teslas are notorious for being death traps. When the electronics fail, you can no longer open the doors or lower the windows.
Add to that the musk madness of making the “cybertruck”‘s windows bullet proof, you would not even be able to smash them.

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I dunno, it seemed like it was easy enough in their demo.

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@ragingloli “Teslas are notorious for being death traps. When the electronics fail, you can no longer open the doors or lower the windows.”

That’s just false.

Also the EV fire thing is bullshit.

It’s funny how people who’ve never owned EVs seem to have lots of opinions about them. It’s almost like there are industries that profit from trying to discourage the transition to EVs that hire think tanks to put out FUD.

As far as the range goes, They’re more than enough for > 95% of people. This is 12-months of real world driving from me. 1% was spent supercharging. Hybrids are the worst of both worlds.

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I would like to test drive sure, like the others own it uh big no there.

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The bottom line up front: The CT is a Charlie Foxtrot death trap on wheels.

The primary concerns are safety, cost and mileage. The CT comes up short on those. Musk made such a big deal out of how well the CT did on the race track and the fact that it’s bulletproof and shatterproof windows (huge safety violation). Not many people need a bulletproof car that performs well on the track.

Where’s the data on the CT mileage while hauling heavy loads, pulling a trailer or while fitted with utility and cargo racks. That information is not available because it is likely pretty bad.

@gorillapaws In an accident the doors can be jammed so they can’t be opened.

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@gorillapaws I’ve driven the Model S, 3, and Y. The only one I liked was the S. I didn’t like the 3 and the Y as I didn’t like the drive/handling and I hated the ipad interface.

My friend has a Mustang MachE that I loved driving

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@gondwanalon “In an accident the doors can be jammed so they can’t be opened.”

That’s true of all vehicles though, right?

And the CT is built like a tank. If you take 100 people and put them in a CT and crash it and then another 100 people in any other vehicle you want, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have many fewer injuries/deaths in the CT group than any other production vehicle you could name. So the safety issue is kind of a silly argument, right?

@Caravanfan Handling and feel are a personal thing. The “iPad interface” was a bit of an adjustment, but now it’s very hard to drive anything else. I did briefly drive the Model S as a loaner car when my mom’s Model X was getting serviced, and it felt huge for a sedan to me, plus the visibility was more sports car.

If you loved the MachE, you should get one. Used ones are under $50k, and new ones qualify for the federal tax credit I believe. Factor in gas and maintenance savings and they compare favorably with things like a high end Toyota Camry.

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@gorillapaws I’ll get a new car once my old one dies. I’m funny that way.

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@gorillapaws True but at least in all other vehicles you have the option to smash the window to get out. Yes safety is a big issue in this case.

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You absolutely do not want the car to be built “like a tank”: You want the car to crumple and deform upon impact, so that it is the car that absorbs most of the energy. Otherwise the energy gets transferred completely to the occupants.
This core concept has been the heart of vehicle safety for decades.
It takes a moron like Musk to completely ignore that, and instead design a car like a 6 year old.

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I will NOT be buying one because I cannot support Musk in anything he does. It’s an ugly pos as well, so that’s another reason not to buy. Even if a friend offered to let me drive theirs, I’d probably decline because it’s pretty high off the ground & I’d have a difficult time getting into it. On top of that, I have NO interest in driving one!!!

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@ragingloli “You absolutely do not want the car to be built “like a tank”: You want the car to crumple and deform upon impact, so that it is the car that absorbs most of the energy.”

It’s got crumple zones. It’s also built like a tank. They’re not mutually exclusive. If you can point me to any vehicle that you believe would have a higher chance of surviving a serious accident and walking away, I’d be happy to take a look. This thing is going to be safer for the occupants than anything else on the road.

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I’ve got a car approaching the end of it’s likely lifespan, and I’ve wondered if my next car will be electric or not. I considered it 10 years ago, but didn’t do it. I doubt if I went electric that it would be Tesla. There are some european electrics that I think are more attractive.

I’m also not a truck guy. I got a mid-sized 6-cylinder last time after spending most of my life in compact 4-cylinders (I did have on midsize 4). I just don’t need to haul things (and honestly neither do most truck owners) on a regular enough basis to justify that.

So…I guess the answer is ‘no’.

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Can’t see it getting allowed on the roads on Europe, it having, literal, cutting edge(s).
Don’t desire to test drive it.

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The CyberTruck probably won’t meet European pedestrian safety requirements anyway.

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I’d love to drive it. Can’t imagine owning one.

I like the cars, as much as any other modern vehicle.

I just absolutely hate having to deal with computers. I am currently trying VERY hard to find even a new motorcycle that doesn’t have a touch screen and/or funky transmissions with different “modes” for driving. Like “race” mode. “Rain” mode…
It’s ridiculous.
If it works consistently, I don’t need “modes.”
Such things are just marketing ploys, and have no purpose for someone who understands how to drive…

I understand the attraction to such a thing. I’m sure it’s great, when functional.
I realize that everything breaks, electric or not.
However. When something electronic breaks, it has to be replaced. NOTHING will replace a manual transmission, simple controls and gauges, and manual locks and windows for consistency.

Altogether, I really like what Musk is doing for technology/humanity. His personal opinions about current affairs will be irrelevant when Teslas are $20,000. Oh, and you’ll probably have to get comfy with Starlink, Optimus, and systematic changes to infrastructure and every type of travel. The Neurolink is currently torturing other primates, but will likely be as necessary an item as a smartphone in the near future…

If someone gave me a Tesla car, or CT, I’d quickly sell it for something a fraction of the price that I’d undoubtedly prefer.

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I wouldn’t want to drive one. It looks awful and is too avant garde for me. Those enormous windscreen wipers look ridiculous.

You can find a good review of the cybertruck on YouTube.

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@flutherother That’s a good review. This is another one that’s pretty crazy.

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