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What is the most bizarre gift you have ever received?

Asked by flutherother (34420points) 2 months ago

It could be a Christmas present, a birthday present or something else.

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A bright blue, oversized, shiny satin, button-up shirt patterned with large, orange and yellow sailboats — from my then sister-in-law. SO out of character for me. And she had known me for 10+ years by then.

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My niece made me a ceramic pile of poo. She even painted it brown. It’s sitting on my bookshelf.

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A good friend bought me a sweater in a size small, and I definitely wasn’t a size small at the time (or no time since childhood lol). It’s not like she didn’t know my size. I was very mad because I know she bought it because it was cheap.

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I wouldn’t exactly call them bizarre although some of you may but they were certainly some of the best. Twice I’ve received gerbils. The first time I was 12 and got 2 from my parents for Christmas, along with an aquarium to live in, food, toys and water bottle; named them Maggie and Jiggs. The second time I was in my 30s and received one from my husband for my birthday; named him Smokey. Already had all of the accoutrements for that one. Some wonderful memories surrounding the events.

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The presents themselves weren’t bizarre, but the acquisition was. For three years in a row, my mother gave me the exact same green sweater for Christmas. She claimed it wasn’t deliberate, but sometimes I wonder!

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@canidmajor Did she have dementia?

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@jca2 No, not at all, I think now that it was mostly just thoughtless. The good news was that I loved the sweaters, whatever lack of effort or interest she put into them. :-)

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When I was 8 years old I got a pair of handcuffs. Also when I was 9 I received a girls beauty kit.

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^^ The beauty kit is bizarre!

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Not sure if it’s bizarre, but I’ve been given Christmas tree ornaments more than once by people who knew I was Jewish. I do know Jewish people who have Christmas trees, but I would never assume a Jewish person has a Christmas tree.

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Our company had a Christmas party and I bought a nice gift for someone to receive. What I ended up with was a stupid sex gag gift. It went in the trash as soon as I got home.

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A coupon for a BJ.

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My older sister routinely gives me gifts for my birthday and Christmas that it’s obvious she picked up at a dollar store somewhere. Once she got me two DVDs, one about horses which would have been maybe appropriate for a 9 year old girl, and one about the spiders. I mean, I do watch stuff about spiders on YouTube and such because I’m freaked out by them but I also find them fascinating, but this was a pretty cheesy DVD, as was the horse one.

The only other really strange gift I can remember getting was my sister-in-law, who’s from Vermont, got us all Snoopy SnoCone machines one year. She said it was because we all liked to get snowballs so much that she thought she would get us this item where we can make our own snowballs.

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