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What is up with sheets these days/Can you help me find sheets that fit?

Asked by tinyfaery (44021points) 2 months ago

I cannot seem to find any sheets that fit my bed. When did the depth of a mattress become a thing? Who has a mattress that is 18”? And I do not like the elastic all around the fitted sheet. I feel like that makes the sheet slip around more.

Am I making my bed wrong? Any suggestions for sheets that will will fit a full bed?

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Look for deep pocket sheets.

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We have a (Costco purchased) pillow top, so the deeper sheets are necessary.

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How many inches wide is your mattress? You might be buying the wrong size.

Growing up, my mother had a store that sold some linens. Later, I was the area manager for a chain of linen stores. In all that time, I can’t remember seeing fitted sheets without elastic all the way around the bottom edge.

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I hate bottom sheets. After sleeping on one for a few nights, there’s so much fabric bunched up. Sooo loose! Maybe it’s because I buy cheap sheets – $20–25 for a set of queen.

Watching this thread for tips!

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@smudges How many inches wide is your mattress?

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Fitted sheets should be taught…taut? Hmm. Schools never taught me how to spel dat word.

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I’ve gotten good sheets cheaply at Target. I think the brand is Threshold. What I particularly like is the shorter edge is labeled “top or bottom.”

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@Hawaii_Jake I just measured…it’s 60 inches wide.

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It’s the depth you need to measure.

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^^ I think he was wanting to know the width to make sure it was a queen – at 60 inches, it is. 8–12 inches is standard for a regular mattress; mine is around 9”. I have an eggshell on it, but didn’t include that.

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@Smudges yes, you have a queen. I’m sorry sheets don’t seem to fit. Like @janbb, I usually buy sheets at Target. The quality is good, and they last for years. I don’t have lots of extra fabric. I tuck as much under the mattress as I can.

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Is the sheet for a full/double or was it a queen sheet? Queen will be way too big. Assuming you have the correct full sheets, if you have a typical mattress it is probably only 12” thick, measure how thick it is. I shouldn’t say typical, because I need a 12” for my platform bed and it is usually hard for me to find, because most mattresses seem to be 16” or 18” now.

Do you mean you only want the elastic on the corners? I would think there are still brands that have that. Usually, the better brands are elastic all the way around.

You could get the better bedder and the exact fit of the sheet won’t matter. Or, get a flat sheet and make your bed the old fashioned way with hospital corners.

Edit: I just googled and there are still sheets that are 12” pockets. I haven’t bought sheets in a long time so I can’t speak to which ones have elastic exactly how you want, but if you go to a department store that has bed displays you can look at the sheets or a salesperson can help you.

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I’ll check into Target’s sheets!

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Overstock (which is now Bed Bath and Beyond because they bought the name of the bankrupt BB&B). I just bought some last week – California King deep pockets. Many colors and patterns.

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@tinyfaery Full bed sheets are less common than King and Queen. Are you sure you’re using the correct size sheets?

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Well she measured them. See above.

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@Dutchess_III In the post, she said she measured the depth of the mattress. That has nothing to do with whether the bed is a full, king or queen.

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Just shop for sheets with the right pocket depth or buy some of those sheet garters that you clip to the corners. They keep a sheet in place. Search for “sheets with shallow pockets.”

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No. She measured the width of the mattress. Go look.

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@Dutchess_III She measured 18 inches. That has nothing to do with whether the mattress is a full, king or queen. She said 18 inches deep, and she said full, I see that.

My question is, is she sure that she is using sheets for a full size bed, and not sheets for a queen sized bed or a king sized bed.

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@Dutchess_III It was me who measured the width.

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Mattresses 18 inches thick may need SPECIAL fitted sheets. !

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You can also look into sheet straps/stays. Here is an example.

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^^ There are many variations of those. They just aren’t acceptable for anyone with back and/or knee problems. I’ve had similar ones and they are such a pain to put on that I gave up and lived with loose sheets. They also don’t help at all to keep the sheet tight in the middle of the mattress sides. Good thinking, though.

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So if you have a thinner mattress search low profile sheets.

Thanks all.

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I had the same problem a few months ago @tinyfaery. I feel your frustration. Then someone mentioned deep pockets to me.

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Another thought is to go old school. Buy a flat sheet and use that on the bottom.

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I did that for my waterbed @tedibear

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