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What is a word you write all the time but you misspell every time?

Asked by Caravanfan (13379points) 2 months ago

Every. Damn. Time.

For me the word is “resuscitation”

I’ve been resuscitating patients for over 30 years and I still can’t get the goddamned word spelled right.

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Occasion. I always make a mistake, and the little squiggly line notifies me it’s wrong.

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@Hawaii_Jake I mess that up on ocassion too!

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There, their, confession, dessert, desert, whom, effect, affect,

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Gauge. I really want to transpose those vowels.

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Pairs, pears.

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“Weird” look “wierd” whichever way you spell it!

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I can’t ever get that right.

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Eiafriafucall the volcano in iceland. Usually called E16.

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I have to think hard when I spell definitely.

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For me for some reason was “patience”.

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Exercise, conscientious (spelled it wrong while writing it here!), conscience, conscious

HA! misspell!

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@RedDeerGuy1 One of my teachers taught us a hint to remember how to spell “dessert.” She said when you have dessert, you want 2 servings (to remember the “S” is twice).

She also gave us a hint to remember how to spell “religion.” She said “the GI gets religion in the foxhole.”

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My grandfather worked a linotype machine and had little phrases to remind him how certain words were spelt. Pharaoh was “arse over head”.

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Yes I misspell “Friend. ” I swap the e and i and then have to correct it.

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Mispell? Misspell? I’m not sure which is correct.

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@flutherother I use phrasaes sometimes and I also have a way of doing the spelling pronunciation in my head, to help. For example, for pharaoh, in my head I say “phar-ay-oh.”

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Conscience and consciousness of all things give me trouble.

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I always have the urge to spell career as carreer, or canceled as cancelled.
The double letter variant just feels more natural to me.
edit: apparently, “cancelled” is proper in British English, so that is the correct version.

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I was going to write “miscellaneous”, but I guess I’ve finally learned to spell it.

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Calendar. Always . Did it this time too! Ugh!

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I have trouble with that one too especially as there is a small town near here called and spelt Callander.

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@Caravanfan, when you misspell “resuscitation,” how do you spell it?

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I always misspell improve as imporve on a standard keyboard. Every single time.

Not so much on the mobile qwerty keyboard.

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But that’s just a typo, right, @cookieman? You don’t have any troublle knowing what the letters are.

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All of them.

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@Jeruba Rescussitation. Most commonly.

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@Caravanfan, hmm, interesting. I can see how that could be hard to shake off.

But maybe it would help to know that there’s a connection between “resuscitation” and “citation” through the Latin citare. You could get a citation for performing that resuscitation.

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@Jeruba That’s awesome, thanks!

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@Jeruba: Certainly, but I make the same typo every time.

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Condominium. It gets typed as “condominimum” 50% of the time. I usually catch it.

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