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Prove I'm right or is my word good enough?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14755points) September 24th, 2008

When the boss comes up and asks why I never told him something and I’ve e-mailed him all the info he needs previously, is it better to say “but I told you that” or to print the e-mail as proof? Or is it not important to say either?

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Say, “I’m sorry. I thought that sending you an e-mail would be sufficient. Would it be better for you if I left a voice mail or a hard copy note or what would you prefer?”

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Brilliant kev!

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It’s not helpful to say either.

Your boss needed information. You thought you had provided the information to him, but obviously it didn’t get there. It’s not helpful to try to lay blame by proving that you emailed it to him; it’s far more helpful to figure out why it didn’t get through to him and figure out what the best way to get information to him is.

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Seems to me, that’s what Kevbo is suggesting. If it is said in the correct tone, it isn’t trying to lay blame, it’s merely asking if email communication is the best route to get info to him/her. This leaves the boss the opening to tell her exactly the best way to avoid confusion in the future. Trying to figure it out on one’s own might only exacerbate the problem and not nip it in the bud. He also carefully worded it by saying “I thought” which gives the boss the chance to say, no, didn’t get it, that’s not the best way for me to receive that kind of information. If they are fair, they will check their email and acknowledge receipt of it to the worker.

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I hate office politics!

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Kevbo nailed it!

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I miss the days when you could just kick the boss in the nuts!

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You still can. if you want to lose your job and your freedom.

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