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Are food cravings controlled by the body?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24657points) December 25th, 2023

Does your body create cravings based on what vitamins and minerals are needed?

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Not necessarily. It has been found that highly processed foods, which are not good for you, may be addictive. Link

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People who have their stomachs surgically removed for medical reasons, still feel hunger in their “stomach.” I know when you’re losing weight your body will register the weight loss as a survival threat and send constant hunger signals to you.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yu ask two different questions here. Yes, food cravings are controlled by the body. No, they are not necessarily based on what vitamins and minerals are needed.

As @LostInParadise pointed out, some things like fat, sugar, and salt can be craved if one goes without them when one is used to them.

Some mineral deficiencies can cause a craving for foods rich in that mineral. I had a teacher who had become anemic to the point of hospitalization. He suddenly found himself asking for liver at every meal.

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It is not the same in everyone and not just a simple thing. Many aspects of it from Triggers like emotional, watching tv, poor health, etc.
Many elements create that craving like textures, sweets, etc.

What are you craving right now and why?

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@Forever_Free I am desiring two Coras Clubhouses. Would have cost $51. I microwaved a beef sausage roll instead. I saved $50.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’m craving to finish a plate of Spritz cookies

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It’s too complicated to explain here; even scientists who study this say the research is limited.

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Brain. The body sends signals to the brain, which makes the conscious decision to ‘need’ food.

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