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What did you receive for Christmas?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16183points) December 25th, 2023

I received a text today from my grumpy brother complaining that all he got for Christmas was a huge bag of coal. I was surprised by one of my former emotionally challenged kids who has now started college. He stopped by to say thank you for helping him get his life on a better path. And I had thought that I was receiving nothing this year. This was the absolute best gift that I could have received! What did you receive for Christmas & was there anything that you really wanted that you didn’t receive?

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I got a replica sweater from The Big Lebowski. I also got to sit and break bread with all three kids together! Best gift ever!

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$60, and queen sheets and pillowcases. Also gift cards to McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons.

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Much love from 3,000 miles away in opposite directions.

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Not a thing. I did give away gifts to about 12 people.

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A small flock of plastic pink flamingos. They are already hiding in the yard, peeking out.

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Several books. Go figure. More bookcases please.

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Aside from pretty snow, a $50 gift card to Amazon and the same to Red Lobster.

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@smudges Cheddar bay biscuits for all!!

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^^ Yayyy! I also have a box of the mix bought from a supermarket.

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Some nice clothes, an organizer for my car trunk, and a Captain America Funko Pop.

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A nice check from my stepfather. More money than I would have expected. It will come in handy for paying off the holiday bills and some will stay in the bank.

I bought gifts for him and his girlfriend and my sister, and of course for my teenage daughter.

Other than that, I don’t really exchange gifts with friends now because we all decided a few years ago we don’t need anything. I find the holiday season to be a lot less stressful with not having to worry about what to get people.

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Check. and a mortar and pestle I wanted. I get what I want so generally presents are not expected at my age. :)

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@KNOWITALL Exactly for me, too. If I want something, I pretty much buy it and I feel like my friends who are around my age do the same, too. If i see something I think a friend will like, and it’s not expensive, I will buy it for them not as a “gift” but just “here, this is for you.” For example, a friend who is into baking was talking about pastries the other day, and fillings for the pastries. I tried a sample of a fig jam at Costco, and so I bought one for me and one for her, for her baking. Likewise, she sews so sometimes she will sew me a little something, like a makeup pouch or something.

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My son gave me tickets to the San Francisco Symphony playing music from Lord of the Rings.

My daughter gave me a book with all the song lyrics written by Paul McCartney, along with pictures and Beatles anecdotes. Plus both kids were there to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”

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An afternoon for two to learn falconry.

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Special bottle of Carolina Reaper hot sauce.

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Movies, a tin of nuts, chocolates, and dried fruit, a framed newspaper article about our family farm written when I was around 10, a teapot and cups from a local potter. Best gift: nothing to assemble or return.

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I got a beautiful handmade beaded ornament, and two “family” gifts, a box of cornbread + chili mix, and an electric jar opener, plus my oldest grandson and his wife are joining the rest of the family (my son, his wife, MIL, and two boys) for Christmas dinner tonight at Golden Corral.

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All of you sound like you have been very blessed!!!

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My parents sent me some Chanukah money.

I had Christmas Eve dinner with my husband’s family and thankfully they decided no gift exchange this year.

I have bought myself a few things the last few weeks jokingly saying “that’s gift number one” or “gift number five” for the eight days of Chanukah. I don’t even remember what or how many. Lol. I just say a random number.

I went to lunch today with three girlfriend who I have not seen in many months. One has been diagnosed with brain cancer and my biggest gift was just being able to spend time with her. One of them gave each of us a shower aromatherapy disk.

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