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Fine. Why do some people get so mellow when they get old, when they weren't before?

Asked by susanc (16139points) September 24th, 2008

(furious and nasty aside)

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I know of someone who fell off a ladder and hit his head making him nicer in his old age.

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susanc, why are you so furious? is it because you’re a young hothead?

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In my grandfather’s case I think it is because he has lived far longer than he ever expected to and he is grateful for every minute he has. I think he finds himself appreciating things that he once may have taken for granted. He is very fond of saying, “you know, it’s the little things.”

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That’s not mellow.
That’s senile.

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susanc, What age is old to you?
I am nearly 60 and find that I am far more “at peace”, and easy going now, but much more likely to say what I think.

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Maybe they’re just tired.

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You get a grip on what’s actually important after a while.

Hint: it’s not about being ‘right’ (as in correct, not political).

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