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Do prostitutes still 'streetwalk' as they did historically?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33182points) 3 months ago

Or has prostitution gone online, as so many other businesses have?

Does (or Will) AI play any role in the in-person sex industry?

Is it a dying profession? (like watchmakers, brickmasons, calligraphers, etc.)

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They do. They’re usually the ones who REALLY aren’t doing well and are often addicted to hard drugs.

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There’s YouTube channels dedicated to showing the seedy parts of cities all over the world.
I believe “Figureo” street is a well known place in California with women walking around and cars pulling up making offers.

The insane part is those women in California were really tall and attractive.

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@Blackberry, I think Figueroa is the name you’re looking for.

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In San Francisco, Capp Street has been a notorious area for al fresco sex work. It is still a problem as it makes it difficult to drive or park in the neighborhood.

The City put up bollards to dissuade traffic, but the sex workers just moseyed around the corner.

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Most here are at truckstops along I-44 and fairly discreet so they aren’t kicked off the lot.
The ones I’ve seen in Springfield do walk openly but the deals are made by the pimps not the girls.

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I hear that they do.

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@KNOWITALL You’re talking about “lot lizards.” Prostitutes who migrate, and live with interstate trucking. Kind of like Indians who follow Buffalo heards.

Yes. Prostitutes can still be found in many public places.

As @gorillapaws said, the ones on the streets are typically at “rock” bottom. They use/sell hard drugs, and sadly live a very unpredictable, and often violent life.

I will say, and this is opinion, that ALL prostitutes are likely involved in some type of drug.
That sounds pretty fucked up, I know.
However. Drugs permeate practically every profession.
As always though, the impoverished are the ones who actually suffer the worst.

Once they fall to the street level, it’s typically a slippery, downward slope. They end up in and out of drug treatment, various correctional facilities, and are probably victims more often than intentional career criminals. They are usually homeless, and of course, they often have children who also have shitty lives.

I guess I’m just really sad, for these people. The “system,” is no help.

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Around here they did. Cops cracked down a few years ago and it cut out some of it. But you can still see it out there.

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It’s called the world’s oldest profession for a reason. Prostitution isn’t going anywhere.

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I drive past prostitutes every time I leave my house, it could be 8am or 8pm doesn’t matter what time of day, they are always out there wearing the least amount of clothes possible. I usually just ignore it but it’s extremely annoying when the girls dance in the middle of the street or the creeps trying to pick them up hold up traffic while they try and negotiate a price.

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^It’s sad. When I was in law enforcement, I could hear prostitutes, without seeing them. How?
Unfortunately, many “street walkers,” only have one pair of shoes. If you hear open toed shoes clacking around on a cold night, the sound will lead you to a few “ladies of the night.”

Where I started in North Charleston, the prostitutes sold crack, and/or meth. Usually they would pull into a hotel, in a crappy car. The pimp gets out, and walks around while 2–3 of his girls go door to door. The pimp usually is mainly a lookout, and is typically not the one ever actually committing crimes. They let the ladies do ALL the work, and the girls usually are the one’s arrested and charged for the drugs, and soliciting sex.

Part of me thinks it would be a far healthier profession, if it were legal. Prostitution.

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@MrGrimm888 “Part of me thinks it would be a far healthier profession, if it were legal. Prostitution.”

I’m pretty sure the data supports your intuition. Prostitution will always exist, but it can be (and has been) made safer when it’s legalized and regulated.

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I mean, I know there will always be a black market, for prostitution. Especially if the prostitutes are under age.

But. They need a “fucking” union. Pun intended. The pimps I’ve met, were the very lowest of the low. It would at least make most pimps have to find new work.
We had a thread about legalized prostitution, not long ago I think. It’s one of those things that we simply cannot completely stop, so the lesser evil would be to try to make lemonade.

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