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E-Mail to SMS?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) September 24th, 2008

Is there a way to get my emails sent to my phone as SMS. Like a trusted website or something that will forward them to my number? Thanks.

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If you can forward email with your email service, you can send your email to your phone over SMS. All phones have their own email address. For instance, Bell Mobility phones in Canada have an email address of

The easiest way to find out what yours is would be to just send a text to your email address, or you could probably find it through Google.

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If you have AT&T, it’s your 10-digit phone #

I had to dig in the archives… but I found a list I had posted a while back on this question.

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No I mean like how can I get my emails forwarded from my inbox to my phone in SMS whenever I receive a new email.

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I told you. Forward you email to your phone’s email address.

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Oh! Sorry about that. I thought you meant forward with your mobile carrier. I don’t know why.

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Why SMS? Do you not have e-mail on your phone? Also, if you don’t have an unlimited plan and a plan that crosses into other networks, you’re going to burn thru your SMS allowance in no time flat. = GIGANTIC BILL! Check with your service provider about what you get charged for prior to setting anything like this up or you may be in for a sh[poop]tty surprise when your bill comes!

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@maccmann my cell provider gives every customer free incoming text messages. If it didn’t my bill would be huge because of my Twitter updates via SMS

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@PIXEL: Good stuff! Then yeah SMS on, man! But if you can get e-mail access with your phone I would sugg using that instead. You should also be able to setup your phone to alert you when a new mail comes in.

Good luck with that!

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Thanks guys! I’ve been looking for a way to do this.

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