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What is something you’re not good at?

Asked by bob_ (21888points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Try as you might, it just doesn’t come easily to you — what is it?

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Carnally desiring women.

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Any kind of team sports. I’m clumsy and I bump into people.

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Turning off my gag reflex. I have to use a spray for that.

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I’m terrible at sports, too. I wanted to play in all sports when I was a kid. But I was clumsy and short and I was always called last when they chose sides. I did run track in high school one year, but I sucked.

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Aerobic step exercise. I’m a dancer, I even perform and teach dance, so I’m coordinated, but I can’t coordinate to do that. I also can’t do the elliptical exercise machine.

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I can’t sing, I can’t do distance cardio.

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Standing up for myself.

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Playing musical instruments.

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Pool and snow skiing are things for which I have zero talent. It was fun trying though.

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Solving logic problems in math.

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Getting up off the floor, my knees are shot.

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Giving street and avenue directions to 911 with out using landmarks.

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I can’t jog or run. I could maybe jog or run about a half a block, that’s it.

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Playing pool. I do better with darts.

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Staying silent in class , and tardiness. I however now leave home early to make sure that I show up on time for appointments. Better early than late.

I would have been a psychologist, by now, if I only remained silent and showed up to class on time.

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Directions. I have 0 sense of direction

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Math – still don’t know all of my times tables, but I got an A in algebra, loved it! and statistics. Can’t do most of the basic functions in my head. I know I need to carry a number and do, but then when I need it I forget where I put it!

Directions. No matter where I am, I’m 90 degrees off; if I think I’m facing west, it’s actually north. What’s funny is it’s always 90 degrees off to the right. If I think I’m facing north, it’s actually east.

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Letting go.

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@bob_ Awww. I’ll go make you a sandwich!

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@bob_ I not good at letting go too. However I am good at holding on.

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Foreign languages
Math (after geometry)

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Dancing. I was born without rhythm.

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Drawing and writing in cursive . Unless I print my writing is not very legible.

I recently found my report cards from elementary school. Ever year the teachers said my handwriting was “Poor.”

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@LuckyGuy my grades in grades 4–6 my handwriting was between 40%-&-0%. Teachers didn’t care that I had several broken wrists and hands.

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Not all at the same time, but concurrently. Grades 3–9 where bad for injuries, for me.

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Also dancing and writing in cursive. Thank you for reminding me @filmfann and @LuckyGuy.

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Learning history would be another one for me. I actually know more than a lot of people I meet, which is shocking to me, but there is much more I don’t know and can’t retain, try as I might. I have some sort of missing part in my brain.

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Organic chemistry. The bane of my college career and what kept me out of vet school.

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Oh. Also licking donald trump’s butt.

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I have two. Poker and fishing. With poker, I am deadly right up to the point where any money is put on the table. At that point, I cannot even get a pair of twos for about 10 hands.

With fishing, I either catch fish that are too small to keep or I catch things like logs. I hooked a nice bass one time. I was fishing off a dock and it hit hard. I started reeling it in and suddenly there was less tension on the line. The fish was swimming directly at me faster than I could reel it in. I literally watched him (her?) swim right next to the dock, swim under a stump, around the stump, back under the stump, spit the hook and swim away. It was episodes like that that made me realize if I had to depend on fishing as my food source I’d end up starving.

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Dancing and reversing a car. The reversing is particularly annoying. I don’t have much occasion to dance, but there are times it would be handy to have better reverse skills. I am only a tiny bit better in a car with a back-up camera.

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I can totally understand why dancing while reversing would be difficult.

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@tedibear I forgot about driving in reverse! Can’t do that pretty much at all. Car keeps wiggling back and forth.

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Driving in reverse is something I actually do well. I worked summers in a warehouse in college and they required that we drive forklifts in reverse for safety reasons. To this day I can reverse about as good as driving forward

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I parked hundreds of cars a day at Hertz 20 year s ago as a part-time job. Yes 12. to 18 cars an hour.

We had to back the cars into the spaces so clients would “drive out”!

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Oh! Writing or throwing with my left hand (my off hand). My left hand is just stupid when it comes to things like that.

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