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Could you update me on the following news when it's solved?

Asked by luigirovatti (2840points) 2 months ago

The news is this:

In short, AGCOM in Italy launched Piracy Shield, for blocking pirated sites. Problem is, it included cloudflare in the blacklist, so very surely Italians cannot complete cloudflare captchas right now. Could you tell me when the situation is finally solved?

My advice: use vpns right now.

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According to the same article you referenced, the block was lifted 4–5 hours later.

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@elbanditoroso: Cloudflare is stuck in an infinite loop right now. On pc, on google chrome. On firefox it works. I cleared the cache, cleared the cookies, then I updated chrome, I even disabled all the extensions and refreshed the page, problem still persists.

Proof it happens to others:

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Out of curiosity, why would you expect that people in the USA will know about an Italian issue that was caused by the Italian government?

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@elbanditoroso: Who says jellies are only american?

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@luigirovatti no one, but probably 98%

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Keep reading Corriere della Sera .

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You could put filters into your internet where it will alert you when there is news posted about a topic or a key word.

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