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How many of you can not get captcha to recognize that you typed in the correct words.

Asked by MaryW (1726points) June 23rd, 2010

I have had it happen consistantly on different sites. Do you have an opinion as to why?

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That happens, but maybe I didn’t. Some are very hard to see.When in doubt, ask for a new word.

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I’ve had this happen dozens of times. It has to be difficult for security purposes.

There are people out there who try to hack websites and web applications by creating programs that will crack passwords and captcha fields through the changes in pixels. This means that hackers write small pieces of software that can actually detect (without looking at the image/text) the pattern of an image by scanning its pixels.

The goal here is to write a piece of software that can scan thousands of these forms or fields until it can successfully crack it. If the captcha is too simple, hackers will be able to break it without even looking at the image.

My opinion is: I don’t like them, but they’re a necessary evil as technology grows.

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Thanks @silverfly but I am asking about when the correct answer is typed in.

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I have never seen a Captcha rejection that was caused buy anything other than operator error. (Me).

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Have you considered you may be a robot?

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Thanks @worriedguy I am considering that it may be that my Wildblue connection may be the cause?

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Thanks @anartist I have asked for new words. Still no joy. And I am sure the response I type is correct.

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@MaryW try the thing for sight-impaired—they will say the letters

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Thanks again @anartist They give a phrase and I type that in and also it answers not the correct response. There are other people this has happened to because when I google or bing it the problem is acknowledged but no solution is given.

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@MaryW Oh! I have seen this when trying to do my own captcha, but I gave up.

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@MaryW @silverfly interesting. I have trouble, but always assume it is my eyes [or the fact that many the letters have rubbed off my keyboard]. Sometimes takes me 3 or 4 tries

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try recaptcha —it may be easier to work with and is useful as it is part of part of a book digitization program.

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It the image is too small for you to correctly identify the required characters, that could be part of the problem. If you find it tricky to recall the string of characters accurately, try doing it a few characters at a time. Double checking what you have typed and carefully comparing it to the required answer may increase your accepted answers.

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