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Were you fooled today?

Asked by jonsblond (43638points) 1 week ago from iPhone

It’s April 1st, Fools’ Day. Social media was full of foolish behavior. Do you have a favorite fool?

My local ice cream shop announced their new flavor. Brussels sprouts. (gag)

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I have just won 1 million dollars in lottery so now I’m hosting a big pool party at my house! Everyone on Fluther is invited!

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Woohoo! :D

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I wasn’t. I did see some funny April Fool’s posts on FB, where at first I thought the post was true and then I realized it was a joke.

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Pretty much the same for me as for @jca2. But I was off today and didn’t even leave my house so unless my cats had cooked up some sort of April Fool’s scheme, I wasn’t going to be subjected to that either way.

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I feel dumb, but I actually was fooled momentarily when a travel influencer I follow posted an emotional Instagram story about how she was finally giving up regular travel and was going to start saving money to buy a house. I thought “wow, I guess everyone has to move on and settle down at some point HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!”


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Probably. I saw many posts on social media, and people are so crazy and/or dumb these days, that I can’t always tell what’s a joke and what’s a real event.

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I got an ad from Zippo touting their new line of Left-handed lighters.

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I am not sure. My local news said that the Las Vegas Tropicana casino and hotels was being demolished.

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Also the same television news said that leftover chewing gum can help to recycle old plastic covid test kits.

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^I’m tempted to look but you can’t fool me.

Nope, not going to do it.

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