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Is there any difference between a 10 dollar brand name smoke detector and a 30 dollar brand name smoke detector?

Asked by jca2 (16341points) 1 month ago

I know the more expensive smoke detectors are guaranteed to not need a battery for 10 years, so that ‘s one difference – no buying or replacing batteries. The more expensive smoke detectors will also have a light on them, sometimes, to illuminate. Other than that, is there a difference between a 10 or 15 dollar Kidde or First Alert smoke detector vs a 30 dollar one?

I don’t need a carbon monoxide detector because I don’t use gas appliances or a fireplace.

I have smoke detectors at present but am considering replacing them. Costco has a two pack for 60 dollars, with light on it and also a carbon monoxide detector, no battery required for 10 years. Walmart and Amazon have a 10 and 15 dollar Kidde one, basic. I’m wondering the difference and if it’s worth the extra cost, since i don’t need the carbon monoxide detector.

I have no problem paying for the more expensive one, if it’s justified.

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If the smoke detectors are made by the same manufacturer, it is likely the quality of construction and performance would be pretty similar. If the only difference is the extras that come on with it, such as lights or longer lasting batteries, then you need to decide if you really need those. If you don’t see a cost benefit from not having to replace batteries or if you don’t think you need a light on the detector, then you don’t need the more expensive one.

If the manufacturers are different, you can’t necessarily assume similar QC standards were applied. At that point I usually look at user reviews to see how popular each is and if there were any consistent problems like a given piece breaks or it eats batteries like a moviegoer eats popcorn on a Saturday afternoon, then you can make a more informed decision based on that.

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I’d still have a CO detector in my house even if we did not have any gas appliances.

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Batteries seem to die on smoke-detectors at 2 AM !

Also seems to be in the bedroom with a cathedral ceiling, yup 17 feet in the air. !

$30 gets my vote.

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I would pay an extra $30 not to have that super-annoying loud alarm chirp that starts when the batteries run low, or it starts to “expire”. Or at least one that waits until 10am before doing so.

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Well. IDK. As you know ours went off 30 11 times when Rick was installing our tankless water heater @jca2! No idea when it was installed or how much it cost.

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