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What does your home smell like?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) December 22nd, 2010

I feel like I haven’t asked a lighthearted question in quite a while, so here one is. What does your home smell like? Candles? Clean laundry? Burning wood from a fireplace?

My house currently smells like mulled cider and berry currant. My nose is orgasming. :)

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Right now? “Fresh linen” fragrance and baked goods.

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Clean laundry. I’ve been folding laundry and it’s still fresh and warm. Love that smell!

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Smoke. I left the cast iron pan on the stove and forgot about it. Cough cough.

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It depends on where in the house that you put your sniffing nose at any particular time.

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Right now, new oak and murphy’s oil.

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Wood smoke and vanilla candles.

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I’m not there, but my husband tells me that because of all the rain in central California it smells like wet dogs.

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It smells like that odor that occurs right before it’s going to rain. I have the front door open and the breeze coming in makes the house smell nice and fresh. I hope it actually does rain at some point too because we never get enough of it here in Arizona.

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This (One of the most comforting aromas imaginable is the scent of warm, smoky, aromatic logs gently burning in the fireplace. Fresh and rustic, cozy and romantic – the elusive scent of firewood is uniquely captured with a beautiful blend of birch, cedar and sandalwood sparked with rich undertones of vetiver and amber.), Japanese Blossom plug in air freshener and a 150 year old house.

It always smells good.

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I like my house to smell like nothing. But, if there is going to be a scent I like the smell of clean, but not too fragrant. Nothing overpowering. there is a particular carpet freshner I like, which has a hint of floral, and I use pine sol in the kitchen, and some blue floor cleaner that is not strong. Anyway, when I feel I need to freshen things up, I use one these products. I don’t burn candles or spray freshners or anything like that.

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ATM, it smells of everything. Dinner, laundry, candles…

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@Judi The mix of birch, cedar and sandalwood sounds so nice. I can think of nothing more cozy.

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Fried chicken (and it’s a gazillion degrees below zero outside, so I can’t open a window to air it out…)

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The start of Christmas vacation but also sadness tonight.

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Right now it smells like fireplace, coffee and pine tree. All other times it smells like candles, coffee and laundry detergent.

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Spiced venison broth and coffee.

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“What’s that intoxicating scent you’re wearing? I have cats.”

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@janbb I hope the sadness isn’t from anything too serious, and I hope it passes quickly for you.

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Pizza fresh out of the oven, had anchovies on it too.

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Usually it’s wood burning in the fireplace around this time of year. Also always smells slightly like my dog, who fortunately happens to smell very good, like some kind of natural hand lotion or something.

Unfortunately we don’t have a real Christmas tree this year. If we did then the house would smell overwhelmingly like blue spruce pine needles.

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It probably smells like a combination of dinner (ham steaks, parmesan orzo) and fresh baked bread. The bread was baking and then cooling while we ate dinner.

Unless you stand right next to the rabbit’s hutch, and then you get a whiff of his litter box. That is getting cleaned out tomorrow because I am just too whipped to deal with it tonight!

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Right now it smells like pot. I don’t think my house has a typical smell. I’m about to make popcorn, so it’s about to smell like that.

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Fresh. Been cleaning all day, dusting and scrubing. I like to clean with a steam cleaner which helps in neutralizing odors.

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Marijuana… and a slight smell of the ocean from my fish tanks

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Cinnamon, cloves, and citrus, oh and chicken, because that’s what we had for dinner.

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@JustJessica sounds delicious. I love the smell of cloves

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marijuana, rain, wood.

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Soup, dog, smoke and well, I’m a lousy housekeeper, so general gunk. But hey, it’s home, and I love it.

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Christmas trees and cough syrup. The house is in quarantine because some are sick.

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@etignotasanimum Interesting smell! Feel better to the sick ones! Oh, and welcome to Fluther. :)

Ahhhh….add the smell of pumpkin bread to the clean laundry smell. Yum.

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My place smells like homemade apple pies and turnovers, with a hint of gingerbread cookies that were made earlier.

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Right now, Christmas tree (Douglas fir) and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

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Usually drying laundry, but poop if Little Miss Meiosis’ nappy has been changed within the last few minutes!

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My dad told me the other day that my flat smells like candles. I have them burning regularly at this time of year to disguise the smell of wet dog!!!!

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In the dining room, where I am currently sitting, it smells like Earl Grey tea, which I just made. my bedroom, unfortunately, smells like cat litter. We had to move my cat’s box upstairs into my room because we’ve had a major water leak downstairs and the kitty has been relagated to the upstairs until it is fixed. The laundry room smells like Tide, yum. The backyard smells like wet pine trees.

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@Kardamom I have tried EVERY cat litter under the sun and the best I have found was the clumping fresh step. I only have one cat and can wait almost two weeks (although I do it once a week) before it has any smell. Maybe you should try that. Sorry I was off topic.

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@JustJessica I actually found a pretty good clumping litter called Litter Purrfect that works really well (it just smells stinky for a few seconds immediately after the deed has been done). We got it at Costco and it is about half the price of Fresh Step. It has the slight scent of lemongrass to it. Seemed like an odd thing to add as scent, but it’s not bad. So actually my room smells like cat litter, but not so much what gets deposited into the litter thank goodness. He he. My cat seems to like it.

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I’m burning rose oil in my home so that’s what it smells like now :-)

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My wife (who died 20 years ago) always sported vanilla scented perfume, so I nearly always have a vanilla candle burning in my flat.

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