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Does, or would, any nation allow abortions based on gender or the fetus?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24530points) 1 month ago

Giving that ultrasound technology is increasing availability?

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I don’t know of any; however, China has a 1 baby policy & that baby is supposed to be a male. So, they might be interested. The US is now cutting it so close that you won’t know the gender before it’s too late to make a decision.

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If abortion is allowed late enough in the pregnancy for any reason. Most countries abortion that late isn’t legal except for fetal abnormalities or life of the mother.

As mentioned above, China used to pressure and incentivize women to only have one child, most chose to have boys. China allowed late abortions, not sure how late. I’m not sure what other countries.

Some diseases occur more often in a specific gender, so in some cases the sex of embryos are determined in vitro during the IVF process, and let’s say a boy is more likely to have a genetic disease, all the male embryos are discarded. It can be done just because someone desires a certain gender too.

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That decision China made, is now causing a population collapse.

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As of 2021, the policy allows up to three children.

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Sure. China has been mentioned a number of times. They put a mandate on abortion to keep down the population. But suppose they decide there are just too many of those pesky women and they decide to put a moratorium on abortions for only female babies? They could do the same for other divisions of society as well. Hey, a study was done showing there are genetic indicators of same-sex behavior. If China so decided, they could test fetuses to see if they had that genetic architecture and abort them.

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A woman should be allowed to get an abortion for whatever reason she wants.

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Women don’t get abortions for the fun of it. It is usually the least bad option they have for their particular situation.

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Abortion is not fun. It’s miserable.

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God will abort the fetuses for his own personal reasons.

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