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Coffee lovers who grind, which coffee beans do you like?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28859points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I finally, recently began grinding my own coffee beans, put it in a filter then slowly pour hot water on it. Glorious tasting coffee! Couldn’t think of any reason why I would go back to instant coffee and yes even k-cups!

Btw, I used Peet’s Big Bang medium roast.

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I just use lavazza, because that is what we use at the office. I doubt I could tell the difference between different brands or price points.

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I go to Costco and I get what’s on sale or the Kirkland brand (Costco brand). I am not sure who the Kirkland brand is from. I buy whole beans, but always French roast or dark roast. I use less that way, and I grind it fine, so there’s more bean surface to the water. Between the dark roast and the fine grind, I use less and it saves me money. The coffee is just as strong.

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Graffeo Roast, available on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco or on 4th Street in San Rafael CA. Best coffee in the world, perfect with bacon and eggs and sourdough toast (the true test of a coffee).

Graffeo roasts daily and will ship a lb. of beans anywhere.

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I like Lavazza a lot, sometimes I grind, sometimes I buy it ground. Peet’s is outstanding, too.

@jca2 The Kirkland brand coffee is Starbucks, so a heads up if you avoid Nestlé products.

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My sister roasts her own, I prefer hers.

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I use Kauai Coffee. I like the peaberry and usually get dark roast. We are friends with several people that use to work there.

My sister, a coffee grinder collector, brokered an antique coffee roaster that is a display piece in a small museum.

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I like Sumatra and 100% Kona from any major brand. I use a burr grinder and adjust it to fine (but not too fine). I use a Bunn drip machine to get the 190F water, and use 2 layers of filter to allow more brewing time.

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Real coffee from Kauai is the bomb. Even better than from Kona.

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@Blackwater_Park yes it is, first started buying Hawaiian coffee while in Kona 1995, 1996 I started buying Kauai coffee. And larger crops.

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I used to grind my own – maybe 10–12 years ago – but my palate isn’t mature enough to put out the effort to grind my own coffee.

Keurig is my assistant.

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It’s not cheap, but check out Driftaway. I was spoiled for two years with a gift subscription. It’s really great!

Now I buy ¾ lb at a time from a local third-wave shop that does fair trade and roasts in house—whatever smells good or whatever they recommend.

I use an Aeropress with a finer grind, but I also really like coarse grind/French press.

Don’t watch this Ted Talk because it will make you realize you are still standing on a false summit.

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Local first-rate coffee shops tend to roast the best beans.

I use a small coffee company that roasts various selected beans from around the world. They have a variety of types. All of the ones I’ve tried have been excellent. A few I like distinctly better than any beans I remember having from other sources.

PM me if you want a link to that company, but companies such as Zoka or Coffeebar also tend to have very good beans, though you’ll need to find the types you like best.

I think Peet’s tends to be quite good too, though, AFAIK.

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@elbanditoroso I used to love the Keurig but I found the machines only lasted a few years at most and then they’d crap out, and I got tired of paying and replacing and dealing with the issues.

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It depends on what I can find on sale at the grocery store. If you are asking what I like, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is, to me, the best. Lavazza is good as is Peets. Fresh ground is the best but to be honest, I tend to do a whole bag instead of doing it by the cup.

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I buy from local coffee roasters in the Madison, WI area.

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There’s a supermarket chain around here and in the area of @canidmajor called Stew Leonard’s. I’m not a fan of flavored coffee but they have a bean called Cinnamon Hazelnut and I sed to like it a lot. I used to use a Bodum French press and that with the Cinnamon Hazelnut made really good coffee.

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A local roaster in the Berkshires.

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Local roaster make a blend with Guatemala light roast and Mexican dark roast that I like.

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