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Please share your story of anytime that you were in a no win senerio?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) 3 months ago

Or anything that confused you?

Like a logic error?
Or made you feel like you feel are in division by zero error?

Humor and personal stories welcome.

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I can think of one, maybe two times where I was put in that scenario, but I will decline to describe them, for two reasons.

1) they still bring up strong feelings of frustration and anger, even though they occurred 20+ years ago. I’m ‘over’ the issues, but I can’t forget them.

2) They’re personal, no ones business but my own.

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The patient died.

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I was very careful while eating breakfast this morning as I had a very sensitive tooth that had earlier given a sharp stab of pain when I bit down on it. This puzzled me as the tooth was no longer sensitive and I came to the conclusion I had felt the pain in a dream.

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My entire law enforcement career.

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Having something significant in my life (job, home) being controlled by or unavoidably attached to someone with a personality disorder such as OCPD or NPD.

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More than once with my inlaws.

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Ugh. I hate coffee!

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@flutherother…you can’t feel pain in your dreams, hence the saying “I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming.” Try it some time when you’re dreaming! I have and it was weird!

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@Dutchess_III I can’t remember ever feeling pain in my dreams but I don’t remember feeling pain in this tooth either. My feeling that the tooth was very sensitive was nevertheless very real and so I can’t explain it.

PS I have only had a lucid dream once and that was when I was a young kid. It was great fun while it lasted.

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Before you go to sleep tell yourself that you will lucid dream that night!

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I have dreamt that I knocked my front teeth out, drinking beer from a big glass bottle.
There was pain. I’ve been hit in the mouth, like 10,000 times. I guess my body remembers the pain, of injuries.

I have been burned in a dream too. I’ve even been so tired that I dreamt about sleeping. Sleeping in my dream.

An idle mind, is a real playground.

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