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Is Judge Merchan being excessively strict with Donald Trump by potentially not allowing him to go to Barron's high school graduation?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33185points) 1 month ago

Whining Don is complaining that the trial judge in NY (hush money – Stormy Daniels) is being unfair by potentially not letting Donny go to his son’s high school graduation.

Is that a reason to call off court for a day?

Should Trump have thought about the ramifications doing illegal things?

Does Barron even care if the crook shows up?

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I am sure that Baron is relieved.

Is the Judge being unfair? He has already given Cheeto McFatAss a lot of breaks.
For example, he can be a part of any bench discussions.

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The orangutan wanting to attend anything related to his children, unless there is a chance for him to score some teenage pussy, is about as believable as him claiming he is scheduled to donate a kidney on that precise court date.

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Criminal defendants must be present at all times during the trial. That is the case in all criminal trials.

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WHY should he be treated any different than any other defendant??? Also, just remember who is saying this. My understanding is that Merchan did NOT say no. He said it was too early to make a determination & he will revisit it closer to the graduation. 45 is simply doing his normal LYING so he can claim victimization!!! He has NEVER been to a graduation of any of the other 4 kids…including Ivanka. So, I see this as his normal whine.

Reports I’ve seen over the last 4 weeks or so claim that Barron isn’t even speaking to his dad because he’s upset that dad has been mean to mom by cheating on her. So, taking a wild stab at it, Barron hopes the judge doesn’t change his mind!!!

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Remember no one is above the law, except if you’re Donald Trump.

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Probably. It is his prerogative, but since Trump is not actually in custody and is no flight risk anyway, the judge could have let him be absent from the courtroom. All he is doing is flexing his muscles.

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He could cop a plea of . . say guilt to 17 felonies, that’s half.

Oh lawyer @seawulf575 from the get go; he was told by the judge, Trump was to be in the courtroom every day it was in session – - or face being arrested and sent to jail.

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Not at all. Besides, the judge didn’t say no. He basically said he’d be willing to consider it when that date is closer. Trump is simply using it to stir up sympathy.

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@AlaskaTundrea and increase his cash flow.

Crying to the bank!

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It’s the judge’s way of saying “don’t fuck around and play games that delay the trial.”

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The judge has not decided on that issue yet. Trump is just wanting attention as usual. But he shouldn’t have committed so many crimes that he has to be in court at this time. Can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

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Trump his lost control of his life and has a judge controlling his life . . . and judge is letting Trump spin in the wind.

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@Tropical_Willie Thank you for confirming what I said. He could let Trump attend but chooses not to because he wants to fuck with Trump.

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AGAIN the judge hasn’t ruled on graduation request yet.
@seawulf575 And if the judge does just want to fuck with trump, he should because trump is fucking with him.

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I don’t think it’s a big deal.

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I have a friend who works for the local county’s prosecutors’ office. I am going to ask her if it’s something that a Judge might typically grant. I probably won’t get an answer until tomorrow (the next work day).

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I’m thinking we have a little ‘invented outrage’ here.

According to Snopes: Judge Juan Merchan barred Donald Trump from attending his son Barron’s graduation in May 2024.

False, he hasn’t ruled yet.

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I just read an article that reported Fox News is not broadcasting the fact that Trump fell asleep during Monday’s proceedings. This is the man who made up the “Sleepy Joe Biden” moniker.

Biden is busy trying to stop WW3, and Trump is falling asleep at a trial where he is the criminal defendant.

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I doubt trump is the least bit interested on Barron’s graduation

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If the court would typically make an exception for a defendant to attend then Trump should get the same. What I’m wondering is, will the jury be sequestered? Staying in hotels? Then I think it is so unfair to the jury to be away from home another day.

Are the trial and the graduation both in NYC? Maybe that would be only a half a day.

I wonder if Trump went to the high school graduation of all of his kids.

Edit: I don’t know how reliable this is, but it looks like Trump doesn’t go to his kids high school graduations.

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@JLeslie I googled and Barron attends Oxbridge Academy in Palm Beach, Florida:

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Am I crazy or have we not seen all this (to some degree) before? If it’s general practice defendants can go, he should. If not, it’s not a personal vendetta.

I wonder why he didnt settle like Bill Clinton and Paula Jones?

…more than 4½ years of scorched-earth legal warfare, Clinton and Jones brought a sudden end to the case with a four-page deal in which he acknowledged no wrongdoing and offered no apology. ...

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Interesting that Trump would suddenly show interest in anything to do with Barron. Trump never went to the graduation of any of his other kids. It’s a little late to suddenly show interest in the youngest.

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In all honesty, I think it would be best if he didn’t show up. The boy’s graduation will become about his father. He didn’t work all those years to make his graduation about his dad. Trump will go only to whine about how the whole trial is a farce and an attack on him and how even though he got to go to the graduation it tainted his son’s day, and then he will go on to talk about everything else about himself and not even so much as take any private time to spend with the boy because Trump is a narcissist. Narcissists don’t have children, they have living monuments to their loins.

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Trump only suggested it, to gain sympathy, and attention from his cult followers.

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@KNOWITALL Clinton and Paula Jones was a civil case if there was a settlement. The case in question for Trump is criminal, so that would be a plea bargain if one is offered.

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@JLeslie Ahhh because the campaign funds were allegedly used. Gotcha, thanks!

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Justice, is blind.
It takes prior, over almost everything else.
As much as I dislike Trump, I do wish he could attend. But the legal process has many side effects.

I’m also VERY tempted to opine that Trump would have been there only because he’s running for president.
I have a suspicion that he probably doesn’t really have much of a relationship with Don Sr. That would be more indicative of his family’s wealth, in our current culture, and not solely a knock on Trump.

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@KNOWITALL Which campaign funds?

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@JLeslie Micharl Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges in regards to Stormys payments. So prosecutors are going after Trump alleging he ‘worked to falsely and illegally categorize reimbursements to his laayer to cover up the payments.’ Trump has denied wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty.

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@KNOWITALL I didn’t know the charges were about campaign funds. I made a wrong assumption I guess. I honestly haven’t paid close enough attention. I thought the charges were some sort of illegal payment, maybe bribery or extortion, I didn’t really know.

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I asked my friend who works for the local prosecutors’ office and she asked one of the Chiefs (that’s his title) and he said 9 out of 10 times, a Judge would grant something like that.

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