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Why did Joe Biden claim his uncle was eaten by cannibals?

Asked by seawulf575 (16699points) 3 weeks ago

Joe Biden recently related a story about his uncle Ambrose that got shot down in WWII over New Guinea and got eaten by cannibals. The military reports his plane went down in the Pacific Ocean.

Why would he make up such a story that can easily be debunked?

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So, debunk it. Show your cards.

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He didn’t claim it. This was the quote. Nothing about being eaten.

“He got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at the time,” Biden initially told reporters after visiting a war memorial that bears his uncle’s name in Scranton, Pa.

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@seawulf575 Your own link says exactly what @caravanfan states. And it shows the Biden’s proudly served their country.

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The NY Post took a story that would have not been so interesting, and they got people to talk about it and click on it and possibly share it, based on a reach.

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@Caravanfan and @chyna Watch the video. What he said was good old Uncle Ambrose got shot down over New Guinea and his body was never found because there were a lot of cannibals at the time.

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@elbanditoroso The article debunked it already. It states: “The Pentagon’s Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency says that Finnegan’s plane actually was lost over the open ocean on May 14, 1944.” No cannibals in the middle of the ocean.

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I can’t watch the video. I’m traveling with limited data access. I’m just relying on the link you posted and quoting from that. Where does he say his uncle was eaten by cannibals?

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@Caravanfan Biden himself says the body was never found because of the cannibals in New Guinea. The facts are that the plane went down in the ocean, not on the land, there was a survivor that was picked up by a ship, and no other survivors were found. All that is in the article that requires no video to watch. The only part you can’t see is him actually saying it. Uncle Ambrose’s body was never found, that is a fact. But it had nothing to do with cannibals. So why even mention them?

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“Why does he mention them?” Is a separate question than “Why does he say his uncle was eaten by cannibals”. And if this question were under social I would answer that.

But your question was “why does Joe Biden claim his uncle was eaten by cannibals” and my answer is “he didn’t”

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@Caravanfan Parsing words. He said the body was never found because there were a lot of cannibals in New Guinea at that time. Huh. That would make it sound like the native cannibals could overtake a rescue squad armed with weapons or that they were so quick to jump on eating Uncle Ambrose that they did so before any help could get there. Neither matter because he didn’t get shot down over New Guinea. He crashed in the open ocean.

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Did he say he word “because” when referring to his death?

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Or does he just say that he was shot down in an area where there could have been cannibals?

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Watch the video. What he said was (talking about Uncle Ambrose): “he was shot down over New Guinea and his body was never found because there used to be, there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea”

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Oh he does say the word “because”, okay. I can’t watch the video I told you but I’ll take your word for it.

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@jca2 Yes, go after the source even though they had a video of Biden saying it. But if you have a hard spot with the NY Post and believe they are the only ones carrying it

I could go on, but I think this shows it wasn’t one outlet trying to get click-bait. It was actually said and it has been prove to be a false statement/suggestion. So why would he say such a whopper?

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Redacted. Your last comment was directed at jca2 sorry.

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No worries.

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Like a lot of old people with failing mental faculties, he lives in the past and these stories are more real to him than what’s happening around him. This is the kind of “family lore” that people tend to go on believing their entire lives even if it’s not likely to be true.

It will be interesting to see the White House staff “Weekend at Bernie’s” Biden around if he wins another four years. He should be in a nursing home, watching Dateline. This is just getting sad.

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Biden would have been about a year old at the time of his uncle’s crash and death.

Perhaps another relative gave him a rather imaginative and creatively embellished account of his uncle’s demise, which he never got to properly verify, and it became a sort of family folklore.

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This one got you? Not the time in October when he claimed to have seen photos of “terrorists beheading children” in order to get the public in a frenzy before increasing support and funding for genocide?

Maybe you read too many tabloids. Maybe you should let us know the latest dating drama in Hollywood or the royal family.

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Just goes to show that you can never trust the MSM! ~

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I just watched the video. I hear him say “they never found the body because there used to be, there were a lot of cannibals in that part of New Guinea.” I don’t hear him say “because he got eaten by cannibals.”

We can argue all day about what he meant but I am quoting what he said. I didn’t hear anything like “he got eaten by cannibals.”

@seawulf575 I have no doubt that other news outlets would share this, as it’s sensationalist and would get a lot of clicks.

What is more impressive to me is that all four brothers in Biden’s family went and volunteered for the military during wartime. That, to me, is worth mentioning and I didn’t see that being praised in the article.

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Can’t see the video without an account. Would you please find another one.

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That’s not the way I read it.
He says his uncle crashed in the ocean near where cannibals were. It’s kind of like someone saying their car crashed into a bomb factory. They’re double fucked.

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This has your hackles all up?
Big fucking deal ,Biden was very young when this took place, and cannibals known to inhabit the nearest land could get any kid to think that sort of thing.
Wulfie your hero has fabricated far worse and you defend him to the death.

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Being he was a toddler when he heard his uncles plane went down, he possibly heard that his plane went down in the Pacific and maybe it was near New Guinea and the family made assumptions and that memory stuck and he never bothered to see if it was false. Or if you ever played the game Elephant, or Telephone, stories change the more often it gets told.

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I agree with @Pandora
My family has no end of stories regarding how various relatives died, got up to in POW camps etc during WW2 and some of my uncles stories would get wilder every time he retold them (if he were to be believed he’s single handedly responsible for the creation of the entire worlds special forces)

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My middle brother told his kids stories of when he was in Vietnam. He was never in the military. I ratted him out.
He also always cheated at Monopoly.

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Biden’s uncle Ambrose was in the US air force during the Second World War and a plane he was in did crash close to New Guinea and cannibalism was practiced in New Guinea at that time. The main elements of Biden’s story are in fact accurate the embellishment, it seems to me, was added to make for a better story and was not meant to be taken too seriously.

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@Dutchess_III Try again. I have no account with the NY Post and I could see it just fine.

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I also agree with @Pandora, who gave an answer very similar to the one I would have given. And to follow up on the point made by @Lightlyseared, my family also has stories that probably aren’t all true. But before everything was documented in easily accessible ways, you couldn’t be sure whether or not Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jim were reliable sources. So you just grew up with the family legends, and most people never really went back to fact check them.

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I know that the west did not have a great understanding of the Pacific Islands.
There are many thousands of Islands, of all shapes/sizes, in the Pacific. Many unnamed, many with odd local stories of evil spirits, cannibalism, and witchcraft.
To a westerner in the 40’s, I could easily believe that there were people who thought it was more common than it was.

It was a common theme, in “lost, shipwreck” novels, and some movies.
“King Solomon’s Mine” by H. Rider Haggard, was a book about a fictional character named Quartermain. He was a “great white” explorer, who was the main character in a series of novels, and films.

There was a movie adaptation, by the same title in 1985, that (spoiler alert) has a scene in which Quartermain and the token “damsel” are thrown into a giant cauldron. I won’t ruin how they escape.

This was a stereotypical fear, that like many stereotypes, has a tiny grain of truth. I believe that I heard more than once that A. Earnhardt was likely eaten by cannibals.

It was just an ignorant assumption, that played on fear and lack of actual knowledge.

Cannibalism, is actually extremely unhealthy. Consuming the tissue of the human nervous system, can result in the human equivalent of “mad cow disease.” Something they get, from farmers feeding cows cheap feed that includes other dead cows.

Interestingly enough, the cannibalistic tribes that westerners have met were pleased to hear that cannibals thought of white people as repulsive to eat. Most white people they meet, are drenched in sweaty clothes, and are considered dirty (like why some people won’t eat swine.)

The tail Biden recounted, HAD as mentioned, likely been told from person to person, until the story seems to infer the possibility that cannibals may have been the last of their family member.

We learned a LOT, after island hoping through Japanese held Islands in WW2. More sense.

There ARE countless Islands, in the South Pacific. Just like when we recently lost an entire plane (MH370,) and we had little to no idea what happened.
When an outcome is unknown, the mind wanders.

I heard it said, the same way.
It’s click bait.

The NFL draft is a week away, I am being bombarded with misleading headlines. “Raiders trading up, for J. Daniels!” Yeah, not really. It’s just an article explaining the possibility, that obviously was designed to get Raiders’ fans to click on.

Personally. When I saw an article mentioning Biden, and cannibalism, I already dismissed the headline.

Apparently, since I research things like maintenance on firearms, the algorithm thinks I’m a Trumper. I get lots of wild conservative “news” videos popping up on YouTube.

Having actually watched it now, I think he was just painting the end of his uncle’s life as full of perils. Which it was. I’m guessing that the odds he was eaten by a shark (if anything ate him,) are exponentially higher, than some ancient tribe of cannibals cooking him in a giant cauldron.

The stories of other “great white” explorers/people, like Dr. Livingston, and of course the media led to this outdated myth.

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Time-wasting bullshit, once again.

I watched the video.

He said they never recovered the body because there were a lot of cannibals in the area.

That does not necessarily mean he was eaten by them, but more likely implies that it wasn’t a practical place to go trying to recover dead aviator bodies in wartime (in addition to it being a place where Japanese air forces just shot down a recon plane . . .).

i.e. This is yet another dirt-stupid tasteless desperate attempt to smear Joe Biden over nothing.

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@Zaku Even the leader of New Guinea took offense at Biden “implied” his uncle was eaten by cannibals

But you are parsing words and missing the point. His uncle wasn’t shot down over New Guinea. His plane crashed in the ocean after engine failure. So why the cannibal story? And why even bring it up? And even if he had been shot down over New Guinea, does he really believe that the US military would say “Well, guess we can’t look for survivors. There are Cannibals down there!”?

And just a side note, he made this claim twice.

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^At lease he isn’t lying about sleeping with call girls.

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^Nice deflection. This question isn’t about Trump.

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You are correct. I should not have gone down that road.

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Yeah @chyna, don’t ya know this is a question to make Biden look bad.
Trump doesn’t need anymore to make him look like an idiot he has that in the bag.

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@seawulf575 I imagine the “reason” has something to do with Biden likely having heard the story told that way in his family over the course of about 80 years. It probably reflects a particularly memorable part of how people at the time thought about the situation. How suddenly “woke” of you to share the concern of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, over idea of cannibals in the area. Is there truly anything you’re actually interested in, other than attempted political smear, about this nothingburger?

You asked, ”does he really believe that the US military would say “Well, guess we can’t look for survivors. There are Cannibals down there!”?”
– I’d say it’s more like, there was a world war on, and the South Pacific had the Japanese military and many other hazards, such that recovering dead bodies from recon planes that crashed in the ocean off New Guinea, was often not done. Some efforts are ongoing, with about 73,000 still missing.

If you care about missing WW2 war dead, you might refer to:


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@Zaku Not particularly woke of me to care about New Guinea. That was used only to point out that I am not alone in thinking this was odd or that it was only reported on right wing networks. Go back and look. A goodly number of responses sounded amazingly like “He didn’t say it” or “Prove it” or “The source is bad” or other nonsensical answers. I’ve spent a good amount of time just trying to get people to acknowledge a fact.

As for believing that a plane crashing in the jungle of New Guinea was not searched for because the war was on and resources were not available, that might be entirely true. So why the Cannibal story? I might even buy the part that it was family history that was erroneously passed along. For one time of repeating it. It took no time at all for people to readily debunk it so why didn’t someone correct Biden behind the scenes before he repeated the same thing?

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I was re-watching “The Righteous Gemstones,” yesterday, and one of the characters had decided to be a missionary in Haiti.
One of the main characters, upon hearing this, voiced that the boy would be eaten by cannibals. Another character literally said, he’s not going to New Guinea…. followed by, I don’t think there are cannibals in Haiti. Voodoo, and other stuff, but no cannibals.

Note. This show is a dark comical satire. So. They often say controversial things. But I thought it was uncanny that we had been talking about it here.

It’s a stereotype. I can’t think of ANY region, that doesn’t have some type of negative rumor attached to it.

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@seawulf575 Well, you did write that he said eaten by cannibals, which isn’t what he said.

It seems to me that at most, this adds up to Biden having said something that might be a somewhat insensitive/undiplomatic-toward-Papua-New-Guniea (but period-appropriate for a WW2 story) comment while referring to a long-past story about his uncle. Yes, ideally, someone would have vetted that detail and/or suggested he revise it before saying that line again. But it doesn’t seem to me like a significant point worth spending time on.

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@Zaku No, he didn’t say the word eaten. He said they never found the body because of all the cannibals in the area. Implies eaten very strongly. Even the leader of New Guinea thought so. Most sane people can hear what he said and understand “eaten”.

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Another @seawulf575 question where he is arguing with himself. TLDR

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@Forever_Free Interesting. I typed 3 lines and your response is to try slamming me and then claim it’s TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read). I found this on the Urban Dictionary:

Too Long. Didn’t Read.

Frequently used acronym by lazy, ignorant people in Internet Forums, where their urge to type something exceeds their ability to read something or if they generally lack semantic ability to either comprehend or respond to a post due to underdeveloped brain.

Stating that they were to lazy reading someone else’s post just confirms the ignorant attitude and also often destroys the discussion in the thread.

I found this particularly appropriate. You were too lazy to read 3 lines, yet decided to make a personal attack to destroy the thread. Do you realize what you say about yourself?

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@seawulf575 Thanks for caring about my thoughts enough to try to waste my time again with something I have already more than adequately explained to you at least twice above.

I really don’t agree that it actually implies eaten unless you look at it from a comic-book-level mentality. I would say (and I have already written), that to a sane adult non-MAGA listener, it implies not wanting to engage in rescue operations in jungle terrain where indigenous people who may be dangerous live, particularly during World War 2, when you have other more pressing things to do with your limited resources deployed to a far-flung corner of the world. It’s just a a colorful if perhaps politically-incorrect way of putting it.

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@Zaku What is interesting is that you seem to think it is only MAGA listeners that think like I do. Yet I have listed 7 articles, many from those bastions of Leftism you would take seriously. They aren’t all repeats of the same story written by one outlet and they all share my comic-book-level mentality. You seem to be the odd man out. But I did address your minimalistic, protect-Biden view. I’ve addressed it several times. I’ve asked questions that don’t seem to jive with your take on things. You, of course, ignored those questions because they poke holes in your idea.

To get to the Twister pose you have in your mind, it requires many facts to be ignored. First, it has to assume that the plane went down in the jungle. It didn’t. It went down in the ocean as the survivor attested to. The military knew there was no need to go into the jungle. Secondly, it assumes that military forces, armed with modern weapons of the time would be so afraid of cannibals that they wouldn’t set foot in the jungle. This is a completely moronic idea since there was already fighting going on in those jungles in WW2. I think those two should adequately put your nonsense to rest.

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Logic is missing but fright wing thinking is KING !

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@Tropical_Willie That is the lefties version of “Na-uh!!”. If you think there is missing logic, please point it out.

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@seawulf575 I’ve already put far, far more time and energy into this thread than I have interest in the topic. I watched an actual video clip of Biden telling the story, and I have a pretty solid background on what the US military operations in the area during World War II. I don’t have the will to engage other articles on the subject of what Biden said, because further conjecture about why Biden said what he said is not that relevant to my interests.

If as you seem to suggest, the 7 authors all share your opinion that Biden was saying his uncle was eaten, or that the US military was afraid of being eaten, well, I’d think they were just as silly and off-base. . . . Wait, I’m starting to actually get slightly interested in the comedy potential of that . . . hmm.

But, even if that’s the case, or even if I’m somehow wrong, and Biden really meant that he thought his uncle WAS eaten, or that the US military was afraid of the cannibals, or that he was wrong about whether the plane landed in jungle or water, well . . . it still wouldn’t make any difference to me . . . just because it’s a side comment Biden made about his uncle in World War II. It wasn’t even anywhere near the main point of what Biden was saying in that side-comment, which in no way, shape, or form, actually has any real relevance to much of anything I care about.

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Yes, @Zaku, you are somehow wrong. I know, it doesn’t happen often, eh? Your stance is that you are right and everyone else in the sane world is wrong…because it’s you so they have to be wrong. Got it. Even your lame effort to somehow be right here is just that…lame. If it was just a side comment, why did he repeat it twice at two different speeches?

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Wulfie you are obsessed with trying to make Biden look bad at any chance you get ,you have a real hate for the guy.

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@SQUEEKY2 That’s a laugh coming from someone that tries to make Trump look bad at any chance he gets. But Biden makes himself look bad. What is interesting to me is how many on the left want to downplay it. If Trump had said this same thing, you would all be up in arms, trying to say he wasn’t mentally competent to hold office. Don’t deny it, that has already come out when he stumbles on a word during a rally. What I don’t understand, and what is really the point behind this question, is why he makes up stories. Or at best screws them up beyond belief. Remember his Afghanistan/Silver Star story? According to WaPo:
”“The upshot: In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.”” Yet he repeats these whoppers time and again, sometimes even after they have been debunked.

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Remember Wulfie this question isn’t about your hero, yet you brought him up.
But since you brought him up you would have lost your mind if it was Biden that suggested looking into ingesting Bleach or disinfect as a way to fight COVID.
Or keep bring up a cognitive test that and 10year old would have no trouble with, your hero slurs his words so much lately yet that doesn’t bother you in the least, Biden does it a d you go nuts and Biden has had a stutter his whole life.

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One last note then I’m out.
Cannabilism was a ritualistic practice. They’d eat only select parts or organs for religious or superstitious reason. They didn’t hang a human body up and dissect ir like a cow.
See you on Facebook Willie!

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@SQUEEKY2 That is true. However you are accusing me of doing exactly what you do. I only brought him up to make that point. This question isn’t about me either, yet you made it about that.

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@Dutchess_III You are exactly right. That only makes the statement that much more bizarre.

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Once again someone^^^ hijacks the question, that they asked, to support a criminal and bad mouth President.

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ZZzzzzzz-z-z-z-z-z Sorry, I’m only responding to those that tried to hijack the question. I know you don’t want to admit that since it would damage your psyche to do so.

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Ain’t no skin off my back ! ! !

Sorry you and your hero (Hitler Wannabe) need to be the center of a attention !

Do you have people refuse to shake your hand in court ?

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We have evidence of cannibalism, from many places, and times, and they vary in many ways.
Some ate the dead.
Some ate certain pieces.
Some, absolutely skinned and cleaned people.
We have hundreds of examples of human bones, with tool, and human teeth marks on them.

Pacific Island nations will need to get over whatever offense Biden caused, unless they want to be speaking Chinese in 10 years.
I have a strong feeling, this thread is paying more attention to it, than anyone else.

I know that when I heard it, I thought briefly about the claim, and chalked it up to nonsense.
Something that I have been doing every time Trump lies/talks, for years.

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Since 2016, it’s been particularly striking how feeble the complaints coming from the right-wing talking point mills have been, particularly in comparison to the daily displays of idiocy and abominable behavior from Trump and his supporters.

This thread is a case in point. Here we see suggestions to argue about the non-question why Biden told his uncle’s story, including mentioning cannibals, twice? Why, guys? Yeah, that’s super duper worth thinking about. They got nothing more worthwhile to ask us to think about than THAT? There’s nothing there to care about.

Reminds me of the nonsense people tried to make into concerns about Bernie Sanders, like that he and his wife had a vacation house. Oooh, scandal.

Meanwhile, Trump has an array of criminal lawsuits lined up against him, he’s making an argument to the SCOTUS he packed begging for immunity, including to murder his political opponents, recent reports says that if reelected, he plans to set interest rates himself, personally. He’s been boldfaced lying that the police are preventing his loyal fans from coming near his hush money trial to protest. Lara Trump claims the Trump reelection campaign has lawsuits in . . . 81 . . . states . . . Non-stop over-the-top antics and preposterousness.

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Yeah @Zaku but Biden talked twice about his uncle now that is where the real story is.

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@Zaku But WhataboutTrump?!?!?!? Yes, let’s go there. What if Trump had made this claim twice. Wanna bet you would be singing a different tune about how important it is? Go ahead and tell me you fools on the left wouldn’t care. I’ve already seen your propagandists trying to make Trump as befuddled as Biden while trying to make Biden sly and cagey.

Here’s a clue, you dunce: TRUMP IS NOT POTUS RIGHT NOW, BIDEN IS. What the POTUS says carries weight. When his speeches continually have complete garbage coming out of his mouth, it is worth talking about. Trying to understand why he would say these things is a heck of a lot more rational than just blasting someone.

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I don’t understand how this has become such a big argument. There were two questions we were asked: “Why did Joe Biden claim his uncle was eaten by cannibals?” and “Why would he make up such a story that can easily be debunked?”

He didn’t claim that his uncle was eaten by cannibals, but his comment surely implies it. What’s the point of denying this? Maybe @Zaku is correct that he actually meant something about the military not wanting to go into an area where cannibals lived. The exact wording of the statement does not require us to conclude that Biden thinks his uncle was eaten by cannibals. But it’s a totally natural interpretation of what he said, and it’s not unreasonable for someone to interpret the comment that way in the absence of explicit clarification.

That brings us to the second question, to which the answer is probably “he didn’t make it up, he was told the story as a child and just never thought to question it.” This is pretty common for family legends like this, and it’s likely that we’re all in the same situation without even realizing it. So there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he might have made the comment, and there’s really no reason to go so hard on trying to claim that it didn’t happen or find some technicality to push back with. An old guy saying a weird thing is much more “dog bites man” than it is “man bites dog.”

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@Zounderkite I suspect the reason to go so hard on trying to claim it didn’t happen is so that they don’t have to admit it’s weird. Face it, that might make them suspect Biden is slipping and that just can’t be!

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Wulfie, is this question nothing but a distraction from the gaffes,and slurs your hero says of late?
I never got the you have to flush a toilet ten plus times to get it to flush, or you stand in the shower for fifteen plus minutes and don’t even get wet, slurs half his words and that never bothers you, Biden says childhood story of his uncle and your all in a tizzy.
Your saying man that is full blown dementia, yet you have no problem with the wacky shit your hero says?

SQUEEKY2's avatar

I know maybe Biden should do what your hero does even though it is on most news outlets, just deny he said it and if questioned just claim it’s fake news, think that would work your hero hasbeen doing it for years.

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He did it on purpose to get all the fright wing conspiracy.theorists all upset and have them grab their Hanes boxer shorts and have them all in a “twist”:

therefore give them a “Wedgie” !

Seems to have worked !

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Back in my day, this discussion would have been closed by now.

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@seawulf575 Except no. No on so many levels, it’s not worth the effort to try to explain all the different ways no.

Minimal effort version:

“What if Trump had made this claim twice. Wanna bet you would be singing a different tune about how important it is? Go ahead and tell me you fools on the left wouldn’t care.”
– Ok, we don’t.
– It’s not that Trump lie #20,003 is important to us . . . it isn’t. It’s just that it’s utterly clearly a lie, utterly intentional, self-serving desperate nonsense. I only mentioned it to contrast it to the grasping-at-straws nature of the topic of this thread, and the relative availability of insane bullshit about Trump, in contrast to the relative scarcity of anything vaguely negative to try to say about Biden.

“I’ve already seen your propagandists trying to make Trump as befuddled as Biden while trying to make Biden sly and cagey.”
– No effort required, on our parts.

“When his speeches continually have complete garbage coming out of his mouth, it is worth talking about.”
– Well, that describes Trump, MGT, the pointless effort to impeach Biden, One-America Network, and (other) Russian propaganda. Meanwhile, you’re really scraping to try to find even one weird thing to complain about Biden having said. Your repeated insistence doesn’t make it any more true. It just underlines how desperate the GOP is to generate any talking point that isn’t complete nonsense.

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@janbb That was good old Augie, cracking her whip.

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@seawulf575 Well, I have no problem saying it’s weird. And we’re facing an election where both candidates are well past the age when cognitive decline is most likely to set in. Of course they’re slipping a bit, including Biden. Reagan was slipping by the end of his presidency as well, and he ended his second term younger than either of them right now.

I don’t get this “my candidate must be defended from all charges at all times” mentality that so many people seem to have these days. Presidents are humans. Humans have flaws. Some have bigger flaws than others, and I personally think that Trump’s flaws greatly outweigh Biden’s. But the idea that Biden doesn’t have flaws is ludicrous.

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Old Joe is not going to be found guilty ! !

Someone else may being wearing an orange jumpsuit and no spray tan . . . hair style will be a prison “buzz cut” !

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@Tropical_Willie What do you think that responses like that accomplish? Do they answer the question? Do they make you seem like a more reasonable person to those who might disagree with you or be on the fence?

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Biden’s comment is from the eyes of a six year old kid . . . .

Wulfie wants trump’s “flying monkeys” to kill Biden and any Democrats that oppose him. . . .

Vote for Hitler wannabe @Zounderkite if you like.

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Please close this “discussion” mods!

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^I would think that would be up to the OP, or Mods, to request.
We could leave this “discussion,” whenever we want.

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@Tropical_Willie “Vote for Hitler wannabe @Zounderkite if you like.”

This is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about. I already said that I think Trump’s flaws outweigh Biden’s. I am not a Trump voter. But because I said anything even slightly critical of Biden, you accuse me of wanting to vote for a “Hitler wannabe.”

What does that accomplish? Do you think it makes me more likely to want to be on the same side as you? Or do you think it makes me embarrassed to be on the same side as you? The answer, of course, is the latter. In fact, if I wanted to create some false flag operation to make Biden voters look bad, I would just feed your post history into a chat bot and be done with it.

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@Zounderkite Trump will be in an Orange Onesie at the rate he is going. He broke the law with his 9 postings on his social media website. . . He and his lawyer signed the bail agreements for his other three cases . . .

“He would not break the law”. . . . . . . OOPSIE he is SCREWED and he could be in one or another jail when he gets through with NY fraud trial. If NY State doesn’t send him to prison !

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@Tropical_Willie That’s not a response, nor does it address anything I said.

Maybe you are a chat bot?

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@Zounderkite I have to tell you, I respect you greatly. We don’t agree on every point, but you are polite, discuss/debate the points, and don’t go off the rails. Well done!

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