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Do you sometimes suddenly have to go pee when your phone rings? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24548points) 1 month ago

Or is it just me?

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Just you. lol

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You’ve described a condition called RedDeerGuy1-itis.

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Only when I’m overly focused on my body.

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It’s NOT just you. It happens to me so often that I have a phone extension in my bathroom!!!

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Just when I run water in the sink!

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21st Century Pavlovian response.

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^^ Let’s hope RDG’s phone doesn’t ring too often!

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@RedDeerGuy1 Time for an experiment. Have you tried different ringtones?

I imagine Jackson Brown singing Rock Me On The Water might cause one to react differently than hearing Dust in the Wind

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There is an App for that

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No. But I suddenly get the urge to grab my phone while peeing.

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No, washing my hands seems to get that response.

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Just had to jump in with a LOL!!!

We’re under a severe weather / tornado watch. When everything blacked out due to a lightning strike I suddenly hadda go pee.

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The concept on having to pee each time the phone rings needs a name:

Pee Ring Circus

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