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How to create a new personal library for the 3rd millenium?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) September 25th, 2008

I moved and have now all my books boxed. The vast majority are for reference – jewelry making, photography, art, architecture, design & travel among others. Very little fiction. Now, I am still in the book case shopping stage. My question is, now that I’m settled in my new space, with a white canvas of empty walls all around, how can I address the issue of shelving these books in an efficient, practical and eye pleasing manner that goes beyond buying one big bookcase and placing all my books there? It looks like that is how we do it not because it is the best way but out of habit, even if space-wise it may be the most practical.


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I have this shelving system (actually a low section and a high section) and I organize my books on it by genre. Interspersed throughout, I have art pieces, plants, an old typewriter and a collection of aged cameras. I’ve also see people arrange their books by color which looks cool. I think it’s important to integrate the books into the room like a design, rather than as storage. You can check out some design websites like this for ideas.

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I think that lining a wall with a library is a timeless look, and really is a quite handsome way to display your books to their best advantage. I also like Megan64’s link- that would be a beautiful, airy room divider. Put in a plant or two, and I think it would be really gorgeous.

I’m currently anticipating a cross-country move, and so am trying to think of ways to pick which books to bring. I just have too many, and am not that attached to them. It’s still pretty difficult to pare it down to, say, one box.

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It may be a bit cliche/trendy at the moment,
but I like the idea of arranging them by colour.

I always used to arrange by height or subject.
But this way your library is also kind of an installation.

I think this idea works best on one long, unbroken shelf.
(Versus the many short shelves on your average book shelf.)

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This set of shelves from is my dream. If they weren’t so damn expensive, I’d already have them. The cubby/label system would make it very easy to organize, too.

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@augustian – ooooh, that is a nice bookshelf…

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Aug: Whoowhee…those are some nice lookin’ shelves. Me likes.

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I know…I must have these. I may turn to prostitution to get them! ; )

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