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How long will it before Iran and its toadies start to blame Israel for the crash of the Iranian President's helicopter?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33216points) 2 weeks ago

Is there a chance Israel won’t be blamed?

Or will Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis make something up?

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When Prigozhin’s private jet crashed, the world was quick to blame Putin for it, so…

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I saw on the news, the rescuers were running around in the fog, and they did say it was very foggy (dense fog) there, so I would think that would be taken into consideration.

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Israel just bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria, assassinating a senior Iranian military leader, Mohammad Reza Zahedi along with fifteen other Iranians less than 2 months ago. The notion that Israel would assassinate the president of Iran is not that far-fetched given recent events and Israel’s total disregard for international law. It was probably the fog, but I don’t think we can rule out Israel’s or the involvement of other countries/people until more details of the crash come out. There were a lot of people and nations who wanted that scumbag dead.

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There is a whole list of IDF and Mossad assassinations on Wikipedia. That is kind of their bread and butter.

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I’ll bet Mossad created the fog…

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I don’t believe that either Iran or Israel wants to start a full scale war with each other.

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If Khameini (the ruling Mullah, above even the President) wanted to do something spectacular and change the world, he would use Raisi’s death an opportunity to renounce all the hatred, stop the wars, stop funding Hamas and Hezbollah and the Houthis. And he could give up Iran’s nukes because (he could say) there was no further need of them. And he could declare a new friendly world.

Iran would be received as heroic and peace loving.

He won’t.

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Ha ha! Everyone will see it as: “Look at me, I’m a cute butterfly!”

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“Iran would be received as heroic and peace loving.”

Like when the CIA and Mi6 overthrew Mosaddegh’s elected government and installed a fascist king.

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@RocketGuy “I’ll bet Mossad created the fog…”

Probably not, but it’s pretty well accepted that either the US, Israel or both wrote a computer virus designed to “jump” the air gap at Iran’s nuclear facility and alter the firmware of the centrifuges to cause the precision bearings in the nuclear enrichment facility to fail while covering it’s tracks (or at least trying to). That actually happened. It was the most sophisticated malware ever written.

Could someone have sabotaged the helicopter’s instruments and chosen a day with inclement weather to do so? Could someone have recruited the pilot to commit suicide with the President on board? Could the GPS or other external signals the helicopter relies upon for its instruments have been spoofed or somehow manipulated to induce a crash in low visibility? The most likely explanation was the simplest: the pilots got into the fog and weren’t able to successfully use their instruments in the low visibility weather to safely fly the helicopter. I’m just saying I don’t think we can fully rule out the other hypotheses until there’s more info. Who were the pilots? the maintenance and ground crews with access to the helicopter? what does the voice and flight data recorders say? etc.

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Re Stuxnet – humans were tricked into jumping the air gap by plugging in an infected USB drive. It was not an “immaculate conception” software program.

I’d guess the pilot was overconfident that he could fly in fog. Or maybe he was too fearful to say no to a scheduled flight for the President. That was pretty much why Shuttle Challenger blew up – manager caved to schedule pressure.

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Ok. Clearly calmer heads, must prevail.
It’s obvious, that Jewish space lasers, were involved here.
This is their new feature, where they can set it to “thickest fog EVER.” Because that’s what the area looked like.
Having been part of executive protection before, I was absolutely floored that they would fly in such weather, and more surprised that the aircraft did not have multiple escorts.

Israel intelligence agencies, have been assassinating Iranian scientists for decades.
As mentioned, they JUST did something similar.
I wouldn’t put it past any number of actors, including maybe power hungry people in Iran’s own government, to have had something to do with the crash.

However. It appears that they just really made a terrible strategic decision, in putting several VIPs in one aircraft, and flying in zero visibility, with no escort, or even a way to search for the crash because of the route chosen.
Other countries had to help use thermal imaging, to find the crash.

This is actions a thing though.
Wealthy people, often die in transportation. Especially aircraft. The list of famous/infamous people we have lost to air disasters, is VERY long.

Kobe Bryant and most of his family died in a helicopter accident. I hate The Lakers, but what a horrible thing to happen.

When I originally heard the report, I heard that the chopper had suffered a “hard landing.”
This can happen when helicopters lose power in flight, and auto-rotaion is designed to slow the descent to survivable.

When I finally saw the conditions, I was shocked. The visibility, was less than a few feet. NOT flying weather, through mountainous tundra…

I wondered, if the pilot said “no way,” but was ordered to take off by the VIP’s. That sounds believable, to me.

“Take off. Allah will protect us!”

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