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At home do you put your feet up on your sofa?

Asked by JLeslie (65513points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

If you’re relaxing, maybe watching TV or reading, do you lie down on your sofa the long way across the cushions like it’s a bed? Or, do you always sit up on your sofa?

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I do all of those things on my sofa except if I have company.

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All shoes come off by the door so my feet are clean. They go on the sofa when i recline.

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Hahaha, @LuckyGuy, I don’t worry about that much, all my pets have always been allowed on the sofa, too!

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Sometimes but not with shoes on.

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I never put my shoes on anybody’s furniture, including my own. I am big on lying on the sofa.

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Maybe i should add that my shoes are off while wallowing on the couch.

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I seem to be the only barbarian here. Oh well. <sigh>.

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@canidmajor It’s your couch. You bought it. You do what you want with it!

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I am a barbarian. Someone give me a sword!!

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I’m a “no shoes” in house person, I have a 16 by 16 inch throw pillow on a substantial coffee table; I put my feet on the pillow.

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My mom and my grandmother always told me, when I was little, “get your shoes off the furniture.” It’s ingrained in me.

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@jca2 I sort of went the other way. My parents would yell at us if we left the door open when the air or heat was on. “Shut the door! Are you trying to cool/heat the whole neighborhood?!”
So when I became a home owner, if I wanted the door open, I would leave it open. Yes, I do in fact want to heat/cool my neighborhood.

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Same answer as @LuckyGuy.

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I don’t even sit on my sofa. If I’m sitting, I’m at my desk.

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I do. I was when I saw this.

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Most times i turn upside-down and put my feet on the wall above the couch.

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I lie on my sofa perhaps 10% of the time but I never let my shoes touch the sofa even if I’m wearing indoor slippers.

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I sit in my recliner.

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