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What are movies you haven't seen that shock people when they find out?

Asked by jlm11f (12388points) September 25th, 2008

Everyone has an idea of movies that MUST have been seen by all. For example, if you say “i haven’t seen the Godfather”...usually the public response is “how could you not have seen that?!??” So it’s time for you to spill what those movies are so we can all nag you about it (j/k about the nagging). For me, the haven’t seen list is long, but I recently did watch Fight Club and Forrest Gump!

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I think we should start off by asking people what movies should be on that list?

[cough] Say Anything [cough]

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Fight Club

I can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure they’ll come to me later.

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I have not seen Star Wars.

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@Nimis – Hmm. I think everyone has a slightly different list, though I am sure there are many “common movies” on all lists, so that’s not a bad idea.

edit – @Gambit – haha i haven’t either! I saw one or two of them, but I can barely remember them. I never really got into them.

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Yeah, I think it would definitely vary person to person.
But that would affect their answer!

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Gam: You HAVEN’T SEEN Star Wars?!

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@Nimis, no I missed that one.

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Cool Hand Luke is one my friends are always shocked I haven’t seen.

I didn’t see Slingblade until about 4 months ago. It’s an important accurate movie here in the south.

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Austin Powers.

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@PnL, I missed it at the movie theater and when it came on the tube. I just wasn’t in the mood.

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Ummmm, I worked in 3 video stores and 5 movie theaters.
I’m sure there are some more recent ones that i maybe should have seen, but I think I got most of the “classics” covered.

Oh, here we go

I didn’t get a chance to see Casino Royale yet.
Don’t know what Taxi is…

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Titanic, too.

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I’m a HUGE movie buff, but somehow I’ve missed all of the following (someday I’ll see them):

Godfather 2 & 3
Shindler’s List
Indiana Jones 2, 3 & 4
LOTR 2 & 3
It’s A Wonderful Life
Raging Bull
Blade Runner
Pretty Woman
Every single James Bond Movie
The Sound of Music

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[just passed out from Dalepetrie’s list]

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This is a great question. My husband and I play pub trivia and every once in a while these come up for me. I’ve been slowly watching some of the movies I missed.

I’ve never seen The Godfather: Part II or The Godfather: Part III.

I’ve never seen Predator.

Last month I just saw Die Hard for the first time. I’ve never seen the rest of them, only the first one.

I’ve never seen Jurassic Park. (I think.)

I just watched one of the Terminator movies this summer so I could get some background to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like Summer Glau.

It was ages before I saw Sixteen Candles.

I’ll think of some more.

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PnL. Aren’t you the one that never saw The Breakfast Club?

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@dalepetrie: I’m stunned. You’ve never seen Blade Runner?

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Not yet.

Also, I just saw Mad Max for the first time about a month ago as well. In the 80s I was exclusively into comedies, so I missed a lot of good movies.

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Godfather (any of them)
2001: A Space Oyssey
Alien & Aliens

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I missed Tron and 2001 as well!

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…and Cool Hand Luke for that matter

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Ach, I haven’t seen the Star Wars ones either, which almost gave my geek boyfriend a heart attack.

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From the list of 100 movies guys should see, in addition to the ones I listed already, I haven’t seen:

The Last Boy Scout
Universal Soldier
any of the Dirty Harry movies
Full Metal Jacket
any Bruce Lee movies (or Charles Bronson or Chuck Norris movies for that matter)
A Few Good Men
Jet Li’s The One
The Fast and the Furious
Conan the Barbarian
Point Break
Mean Machine
Barb Wire
Road House
Bad Boys (I or II)
Under Seige (or any Steven Segal or Jean Claude Van Damme movies)
Young Guns
51st State
Unleased (any Jet Li movies for that matter…not into martial arts flicks)
Death Sentence
Broken Arrow
Blackhawk Down
Shanghai Nights
Enemy at the Gates
The Money Train
A Night’s Tale

Of course, that does mean I HAVE seen 60% of these movies. Since I’m a fan of neither swinging dick action picks or chick flicks (my tastes are more arthouse than anything), I’m not surprised.

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I haven’t even heard of about 30 or 40% of those.

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I get hounded for never having seen Titanic.

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Those of you who haven’t seen Titanic…don’t bother…the most overrated film of all time.

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@dalepetrie: I haven’t seen more than half of those, but I don’t think that’s surprising either. Some of them I haven’t even heard of.

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Dale, if i understood you right, you haven’t seen ANY james bond movie?? HOW is that possible? haha, i probably shouldn’t talk. I haven’t seen Say Anything (as Nimis pointed out, BUT the fact that i have the dvd with me and so plan to watch it in the near future should count for something), Breakfast Club (as jp pointed out), When Harry Met Sally, Scarface, You Got Mail, Casablanca, Sound of Music…hmm and about a billion others. Though I don’t agree with the 100 movies list for guys that fireside linked to.

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No fair, you people are taking all the good ones. Let me think…Apocalypse Now.

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Citizen Kane.

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Yep PnL, never seen a James Bond movie. It’s possible because I’m a purist. I HAVE to see movies in order, and I REFUSE to watch movies on broadcast or basic cable…I only watch uncut, uninterupted movies, period. I don’t recall ever having been in front of the TV when the very first James Bond movie aired uncut and uncensored, and I’ve never bothered to rent it, so ergo, that is how it is possible that I’ve never seen a James Bond movie.

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Im also a huge movie buff but have yet to see some of the “classics”

Back to the Future(i ALWAYS catch shit for this)
Robin hood Men in Tights
Taxi Driver
The Shining
Con Air
Rocky(saw the first didnt like it(i catch shit for this) didnt bother with the others)
Godfather (any of them)
Shindler’s List
Indiana Jones 2, 3 & 4
LOTR(any of them, well thats a lie i tried watching the first but got bored out of my mind so i stopped)
It’s A Wonderful Life
Raging Bull
Blade Runner
Pretty Woman
2001: A Space Odyssey(again i really want to watch this, but the begining is wayyyyyy to boring.)
Alien & Aliens
apocalypse now
Night of the living dead
The Rock
twelve monkeys
monty python(all of them (i know epic fail for me, ive seen clips and loved it, just never watched any of the movies))
Citizen Kane
The Green Mile
A Night at the Roxbury
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels(on my list to watch real soon)

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Oh, thanks PnL. I’ve also never seen Scarface. I won’t see You Got Mail because I don’t care for what the FlickFilosopher calls “relationship porn”. :^>

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i got one for ya: (or maybe two)
pulp fiction
kill bill
and believe me, as much as i tried to watch these flicks that everybody says you have to see, they just didn’t pull me in.

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Wow, as I scrolled down my list started growing longer and longer!

I haven’t seen (to abbreviate a much, much longer list):
Scarface, anything Rocky-related, anything Rambo-related, anything Godfather-related, Taxi Driver, anything Jurassic Park-related.

I also hadn’t seen Singles until very recently. Loved it!

I’m not really into movies. I enjoy them, sure, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with what’s coming out now to catch up with the oldies-but-goodies! My netflix queue is ridiculous. I need more hours in my day is what it all comes down to.

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Field of Dreams… I know, “if you build it he will come”. I don’t care. Not going to see it.

@charliecompany34, you should be ashamed! pulp and kill bill are in my top ten.

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even when people say “MAN YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE,” i still don’t see it. here’s an addendum to a question i answered yesterday about “two kinds of people in the world.” some people see all the movies and some just dont. and i think it has a lot to do with what is going on in your personal life that prevents you from needing to be entertained by a popular movie.

i usually catch up on movies not watched on the day after thanksgiving. dont ask why.

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@trudacia: i dunno. i like period pieces. stuff like war movies and “gladiator” and “300” even “dances with wolves.” i just like to see stuff the way it was in history. but i will try to get around to “pulp fiction.” then they make a “kill bill” vol. 2.

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@charlie: People watch movies for a lot of reasons, not just because we “need to be entertained by a popular movie”. I don’t need entertaining, but I do like to see movies quite a lot.

A lot of movies on that changing list of “must sees” for me aren’t even movies that I think I’ll like. I’ll watch some just to get the reference.

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the lion king
Most of my friends think that because of that, I’m not a normal young adult…
Indiana Jones, the last one
some others :s

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The only ones I remember people “shocked” I haven’t seen are pretty few:

Saturday Night Fever

though others people have listed that I’ve missed include:

Fight Club
Raging Bull
Pretty Woman
Forrest Gump
Austin Powers
Die Hard (I’ve seen parts of some of the sequels – ugh)
Jurassic Park
Sixteen Candles
Back to the Future

I’m actually somewhat interested in seeing the first three. The others not so much.

Many of the films on the “100 guy films” list I have seen and as a fan of good action films, I feel they are lame (and I saw enough of Broken Arrow to rate it as extremely bad).

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I haven’t seen ANY of the Godfather films; nor any of the Rocky movies. When I have time to see what others have listed, I’ll probably find more to add… but those seem to surprise people.

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Fight Club, all Godfathers, Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, almost every horror movie including classcs like Psycho, The Shining, The Exorcist, and Silence of the Lambs.

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none of the jaws, pulp fiction, none of the saws,

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Saw films? I’m shocked when people say they have watched it.

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Something About Mary
Most of Christopher Guest’s movies (Best in Show & such)

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Reading through all these, I’m amazed to realize I’ve seen mostly all these movies and if I haven’t, I’ve never gotten shit for not having seen them/haven’t heard of them. I feel special.

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Christopher Guest movies are the best. I suggest Waiting for Guffman, probably one of the 10 funniest movies ever made.

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I’ve never seen Police Academy, which shocks all my friends.

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dalepetrie, saw Guffman. Eh. Not so funny. Neither is Spinal Tap. I just don’t get it. I know people really love CG’s movies, but I am at a loss as to what’s so funny about them. Thanks, though.

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The Godfather I,II,III
Shindler’s List
Dancing With Wolves

@Charlie “i usually catch up on movies not watched on the day after thanksgiving. dont ask why.” I do the same thing.

Anyone who put It’s a Wonderful Life Down, you know who you are, is missing out on a life affirming experience. Although jimmy stewart is my favorite actor.

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Wow. Well I guess taste is really subjective. If you didn’t like those, you wouldn’t like his other movies either.

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Okay, Bri L, I’ll take the “Wonderful Lilfe” challenge. I am not sure how this movie became a holiday classic. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen it many times, and yes, Jimmy Stewart is wonderful in it. But much of the movie is about miserable people in miserable circumstances. The ending could be considered “uplifting”, but geez, you have to sit through all the dreck to get to 5 minutes of smiles. I am not one to consider this to be a “life affirming experience”. But, to each his (or her) own.

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I know what you mean, but I promise you if you enjoy old films at all you should like it.

There is a lot of humor in it along the way, as well as “whats going to happen” and drama. They aren’t beating a puppy in the lower corner for the whole film.

Perhaps “life affirming experience” was over the top. But if you open yourself to the message, it is pretty darn cool.

And remember my disclaimer, Jimmy Stewart is my all time favorite actor and Frank Capra is my favorite director.

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Saving Private Ryan
I join PnL and others in not having seen Titanic or Forrest Gump

There are so many more I can’t even think of them. I am pretty sporadic about movies.

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I broke down long after Forrest Gump came out and watched it. What a disappointment. Too much hype and I don’t think it was Oscar worthy.
Those of you who love it, please don’t kill me.

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@ Dorkgirl – That happened to me with a lot of movies. The hype just ruins it.

I saw Titanic but it definitely shouldn’t have won best picture.

I do think Forrest Gump Was worthy.

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@Dalepetrie: You saw the first Lord of the Rings and didn’t see the other 2? That means you haven’t experienced it in all it’s spectacular glory! And you call yourself a movie buff…

I can’t believe I’ve seen nearly every movie listed! I’m missing a few classics, but I will see them all!

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I’m a film student. Everyone seems to expect me to have seen EVERY movie. It just ain’t so!

Bri_L's avatar

@ augustlan – I found the second rings ok and the last one a torturous trial of endurance through which I hope never to be put again!

augustlan's avatar

The third one was overly long, but I couldn’t look away!

cyndyh's avatar

About Forrest Gump, when I finally saw it I was a little disappointed, too. I did like it, but I didn’t like it more than any of the movies it was up against that year for the Oscar. I didn’t find it Oscar worthy for that particular year, though.

augustlan's avatar

I loved Forrest Gump, but I saw it before it got hyped. Afterwards, I wanted to punch quite a few people (in the dick?) for saying “Life is like a box of chocolates” far, far too often.

cyndyh's avatar

I hear you there!

dalepetrie's avatar

Augustian, I’m actually pretty excited to see all 3 LOTRs. I own them on DVD in the 4 disc versions. Problem is, I had the 2 disc version of the first one and I watched just the movie, but I had a lot going on that week and I was really tired, and I was having a hard time staying awake, not because it wasn’t a great movie and all, but just because I was worn out. So I was having a hard time following it, and I thought, well, I’m just going to have to get the full experience, so I ended up acquiring all 3 of the 4 disc sets, and there they sit on my shelf, because what would the time investment there be…something like 13 hours? I have a 7 year old, not gonna happen any time soon. I get 2, maybe 3 hours after he goes to bed. And I thought, “someday” I’m gonna get me that 55” 1080p plasma TV I’ve been jonesing for, and geez, by the time I can afford that, my kid will probably be old enough to sit right down with me and we can take a Saturday and just sit and watch the whole damn thing. That’s is my plan.

augustlan's avatar

It’s a good plan!

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Fight Club. don’t hurt me!

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I rarely see movies everyone else love’s. Never saw ET. Never wanted too. Some others are:
Fight Club
Most of the super hero crap (I only saw Batman cause of Ledger)
Shindler’s List (seeing Sophie’s choice ages ago, made me never want to see another one similar—it really upset me)
Mama Mia
Any of the Matrix movies

The only movies that I MUST SEE on a regular basis are any horror movies.

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i have to add Shawshank Redemption to my “must watch” list, but i have now seen Say Anything and You’ve got Mail

Lazario's avatar

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial and Cannibal Holocaust.

jlm11f's avatar

I need to watch the Christmas Story….

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

Fight Club, Titanic, E.T., and just about everything in between. I rarely find the time to sit and watch movies, too much of a form of passive entertainment. I like interactive entertainment like video games, or plunking around on the Internet. I’d rather write on my blog than sit and watch some silly movie that doesn’t interest me. The last movie I think I’ve seen was Brokeback Mountain. nothing since then has interested me. Well maybe that Red Dragon movie, the one about Hannibal Lector. I usually wait to get movies on DVD. Last DVD I watched was Frank Zappa, Overnite Sensation around Thanksgiving. Before that I think I watched The Bunker last summer.

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star wars! i’ve never seen any part of any star wars, and the only thing that gives me any incentive to watch any of them is that natalie portman has been in a few.
lord of the rings

augustlan's avatar

Oh, tiffy…you really need to see LotR, and at least the first Star Wars!

dalepetrie's avatar

by the “first” one, I assume you mean Episode IV?

augustlan's avatar

Yep…the first one released. Mark Hamilton, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford win, hands down.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

haha i’m thinking about lord of the rings, but star wars? i don’t know. i mean, i figure myself as being pretty open minded, so i plan to watch at least one of them…eventually

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@tiffy – One thing you have to realize about Star Wars is that it is not your typical “mindless” action flick, nor is it entirely a “sci-fi” picture, or only about the special effects. It is a well written, well acted story that happens to contain a lot of action and which is set in a time and place that qualifies it as science fiction, which also happens to be mindblowing to look at visually speaking. You could essentially take the core story out, change a few details and it would become a drama/adventure film. It succeeds because it not only has something for the fanboys, but it transcends so many genres…it is an action/adventure, a comedy, a sci-fi movie, a love story, a drama, a mystery and an epic all at the same time. There are a lot of movies that have flashy effects which are set in space, but only Star Wars has been met with this level of success, and the reason is, it’s a timeless and wonderful story that anyone, and I do mean ANYONE can enjoy on some level.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

it must be, as it seems to be a popular favourite with so many people, even ones that aren’t normally into sci-fi. i’ll definitely check it out. it sounds interesting, i think it’s just the overwhelming amount of them that makes me kind of wary. but you know what, i think on my next trip to blockbuster i’m going to rent one. [:

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Do it, but get the right one! I am not a sci-fi fan, myself, but I did love Star Wars :)

tiffyandthewall's avatar

which is the right one?! haha is the episode IV you mentioned up there? ~is a newb

augustlan's avatar

Yeah, that’s the one. It’s the original Star Wars.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

oh okay. okay i am definitely going to write this down. i’m not a big movie person, but when i go to blockbuster i always have a hundred in mind, and this will go to the top of my list. i’ll let you know if i love it. [[=

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Yeah, if you just look for Star Wars, that’s pretty much what it was known as when it came out. It was subtitled Episode IV: A New Hope, then they made 5 (Empire Strikes Back) and 6 (Return of the Jedi), waited 20 years and then made Episodes I, II & III

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The Matrix….and you can’t make me either!

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