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Any Photoshop gurus out there know if PS has a Pathfinder feature like Illustrator?

Asked by jen (1points) September 25th, 2008
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Pathfinder? Not really; but you could try getting creative with vector masks.
This can sort of act like pathfinder.

**If you happen to have illustrator
you can always import objects into photoshop as smart objects and keep the pathfinder functionality…

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What would be the purpose of this? Or rather what is the desired end result? We may be able to tailor a better suited answer for you based on that.

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I’d go with “Merge visible” or just “select/fill” or something. Like tWrex said, it depends what you’re trying to do/get/achieve.
You can just select the shape you want, then switch to the other layer and (delete/fill/copy/cut etc.) not exactly the pathfinder but eh…it’ll work.

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I would like to be able to merge shapes, yet not have them flatten/rasterized so I can more easily adjust the shapes later on if needed. I’m a little surprised PS doesn’t have this ability, but I also understand that it’s not meant for that type of object either. Thanks for all the feedback!

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I’d go with what @blastfamy said then. Use vector masks.

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