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Is it true that black color eyes doesn't exist?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) September 25th, 2008

that they can be brown, but never black?

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I think sharks have black eyes….oh and vampires in particular horror films have black eyes.

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Well, i was talking about humans… LOL

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haha oh…well this person has one black eye

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Black only appears in nature (or anywhere else for that matter) with the absence of light.
So basically, everyone has black eyes in total darkness.

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Noone has jet black eyes

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In nature, black doesn’t technically exist (except with the absence of light, as AstroChuck said).

Anything that appears black is really just dark brown or dark blue.

This is why, if you take a good life painting class, you’re not allowed to use black paint. It is a manufactured color.

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LMAO! you guys are hilarious! haha i myself has black color of eyes! why does it bothers you so much? :D

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i myself has blue color of eyes!

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Well Gene really black coloured eyes donot exist basically they are of brown colour!

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I have smokey black eyes, but not complete black. My mom’s eyes is light green, and my dad’s eyes is light brown. Don’t know why I have smokey black eyes. I believe there are some ppl have a jet black eyes, but it is not complete black.

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I have realy dark brown eyes and every one thinks their black.

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